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  1. You might check out Ayreon on YT. There is a live concert recording that may match for what you are looking. The song "Eye of Ra" basically describes a Stargate.
  2. I was thinking Union or Jenks would be good on my list as well instead of Mason. Even Ayala from CA with their drum line. There’s a lot of great bands out there but then there’s that SA buzz saw.
  3. Hopefully this is in the right forum, but since this year is pretty much "fill in the blank" while marking time, I've been looking for something for my band fix. I consider myself privileged to have attended both SA and GN in the same years, twice. Last year was great with the Team Texas 6 pack bringing the heat to GN, so lets turn the tables. If you could pick 6 bands from outside Texas to compete at SA for 2021, live and in person, who would you like to see to turn SA into GNSouth. My picks would probably be Avon, Carmel, Broken Arrow, Tarpon Springs, William Mason, Blue Springs for st
  4. I'm in. I have zoom on a couple of computers plus run a nice virus scanner on a blade server, so we good.
  5. Word is going around that Indiana's ISSMA has called it as well.
  6. My wife and I have spent 2 evenings this week helping to fit uniforms for some of our group. Our school district was the first to close in Indiana as we had one of the 1st reported cases in an elementary school less than 1/2 mile from our house. It started with just that school, then days later, the entire district down for 2 weeks, followed by the normal 2 week spring break. Then everything thing cancelled and seasons were over. We are one county west of Indy, which has been the hot spot of the state. I think we are top 5-6 out of the counties with almost 1500 cases and 116+ deaths compa
  7. Avon 2014 used it for their opener. I've heard the song in quite a few other bands since. You are right in that it works great from the field.
  8. Ok, I'm a late for the post, but this SA trip was the blast we had been hoping for. Mrs AvonDad and myself finally arrived Friday afternoon to start our lineup with John B Alexander. (you can keep your Dallas/Austin traffic, felt like I was driving for NASCAR) The Mrs is a voice teacher and teaches kids to sing and can only take so much band at a time... until then. I've been lucky to get her to watch 3-4 bands in a row before she's ready to find something else. In the local comps our band is normally last and she likes to get there a band before, I prefer to watch all I can...but I digress.
  9. So far the best part of being an alumni parent is we can run on our own schedule and not have to worry about being at the school early for chaperone duties, or getting back to the house at 2am after a long day at a contest. Don't get me wrong, as I enjoyed it during my time, but it was different this year to have the freedom to just enjoy the moments. We will always have our ties with our group and are willing to help as needed, but Mrs AvonDad is not a night person and I've brought her over to the "dark side" (she's a choir girl) this season with help of our alumni status. Without having a
  10. ...and that's why I'm looking forward to finals this Saturday. Catching up on the past days posts only adds to the excitement. Back in 2017, SA ranked better as a contest for me than GN after watching both of them live. Just going over possible finalists, no one really has a clue how its going to play out before they hit the field. Sure there are a handful of "yeah, this one will be there", but then those get tossed around in and out when other groups get remembered that maybe were overlooked the first time.... and you run out of slots. There are so many bands that are so close together
  11. Being on the outside now I'll take a stab at it...and I could be completely off base. It seems Avon is taking the 8 note progression from the opening Canon and showcasing that same note progression throughout songs from past eras to present age. I'd never think of Pachelbel, Green Day, Miley, Copeland and the Beatles in the same musical ideas until that sequence was pointed out. Watching practices has been interesting as you can hear multiple tunes being played throughout the field underneath a dominant one many times during the show. All based on that 8 note progression. Watch
  12. JosephBandFan is correct. Avon's show this year is UnBaroquen. We've "seniored out" but have watched practices. I'm catching various parts of past shows over the years appearing in this one and it's been fun catching them.
  13. Lawrence Township is one that's performed well and enjoyable to watch. Maybe a bit different but one of our favorites.
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