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  1. I actually agree with you. I’m usually more of a BD or Boston Crusaders fan myself, but this year I know so many of the kiddos in the Bluecoats that I just have to go TeamBloo. I know….such a mom thing to say. 🤣 I’m with you though on the 60’s rock. 😬 Come on Bloo, don’t let me down!
  2. I’ve decided I’m all BLOO this season. I don’t even know what they’re doing but I’m here for it! 🤪💙💙
  3. Wow I’m really afraid to get my hopes up but wouldn’t it be AWESOME?! 😱😱😱
  4. I think he was joking but yes it would be awesome!
  5. I agree with you because last year I really felt that way when watching them perform at the LISD Festival of Bands. I was like, “ok Glenn! I see you!”
  6. I need to see more of Glenn. They keep flying under my radar!
  7. With my favorite 3A LISD bands attending this one, I’m absolutely considering driving down to Texas (from NW Arkansas) a week before San Antonio so I can watch this Waco contest! Plus I have never seen BOA Waco live before!
  8. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this!!
  9. I’m crazy in love with this show! I have it recorded so I can watch it over and over. 😁
  10. I was honored to do another Marching Arts Now winter guard episode live today! Tim Hinton, Paul Simondac and I chatted with designer and choreographer Andre Williams and we also covered four of the Indy area world class guards! (Fishers, Warren Central, Center Grove and Miamisburg). 🥰 So fun!! https://youtu.be/P8-YHjo826o
  11. What a weekend! I’m so glad I got to come down for this incredible WGI competition in Leander. I believe Rubisco already said it all in regards to the stand out groups but what an exciting time it is for guards in general in Texas. We are truly starting to see some groups really shine and I can’t wait to see how things go nationally for Texas guards in the future. I saw so many great shows yesterday and today that it’s hard to pick favorites, but I definitely had a few. I was really impressed with the SRA guard from Louisiana, loved the Independent guard from Colorado, and was just blown away by so many of the schools represented this weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll literally see hundreds of video clips I posted over the last two days. It was possibly the best WGI Regional I’ve attended! On a more personal note, I was truly honored to meet SO many great people this weekend! I took so many pictures with guard kids that I lost count. I just felt so loved by so many of y’all out there and I want you all to know how much I appreciated everyone who came up and talked with me throughout the weekend. The band and guard world is really special!!
  12. Sounds like there’s really going to be a battle for the top in World Class in Dayton next month! 🤩
  13. And therein lies the true issue. IMHO. A prime example of that is that the person streaming the Houston contest for Flo was actually using their iPhone. I’m guessing it was the same at Georgetown. So TCGC is paying Flo to stream a contest and viewers are paying Flo to watch it, but FloSports (which is headquartered in Austin BTW, not Indy) can’t send a decent video team to cover it? As a paying customer, I’m both extremely baffled and highly frustrated by this!
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