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  1. McKinney and Southmoore make me cry. I may feature them on the On a Water Break podcast this week. 🥹
  2. This show is SO GOOD!!!!! I think it’s even World Class worthy. I bet we see them move up in a season or two if they stay on this current trajectory.
  3. Also, I just noticed that TxBands considers me currently at an “experienced” level and they say I’m 871 points away from reaching the next level. I can’t wait to see what the next level is called!! 🤣 “Geriatric”??
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking more along the lines of the Golden Girls and making it hilarious. 😁
  5. I’m almost 60 so I hear ya! I actually think there’s a place for amusing shows as well, and I have some hilarious ideas. 😁
  6. I agree completely. Perhaps there needs to be an Independent Amusement class added. I would love to create a guard of 50 year olds and up just for entertainment value. 😂
  7. Did you see the train close down over the guard just as a flag was tossed from outside the train, and someone inside it caught that sucker AFTER the train window came down over them?! 😱😱
  8. My momma always said…😂 Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that Independent World is the only classification that has no age limit right? So if that’s the case and you want to be in an Independent guard at 35 years of age, your only option is an IW guard. And if you want to create a guard for all ages, you are then stuck in this IW classification whether you deserve to be there or not. Am I totally wrong about that? Are there age restrictions on IA and IO or no?
  9. Here’s the Sunday’s finals schedule for Dallas along with the score the group made in prelims. Scholastic Regional A:9:00 AM - North Garland HS (75.96)9:07 AM - Prosper HS JV (77.380)Independent Regional A:9:14 AM - PC North West Original (76.00)Scholastic A:9:26 AM - Vista Ridge HS (79.730)9:34 AM - Jenks HS (80.620)9:42 AM - Hebron HS (80.910)9:50 AM - The Colony HS (81.680)9:58 AM - Rock Hill HS (82.840)10:06 AM - Wylie HS (83.600)10:14 AM - Grand Oaks HS (84.150)10:22 AM - Pebble Hills HS (84.340)10:30 AM - Keller Central HS (84.440)10:38 AM - Burleson Centennial HS (84.460)10:46 AM - Mount Pleasant HS (84.890)10:54 AM - Clear Brook HS (85.890)11:02 AM - Timber Creek HS (86.00)11:10 AM - Southlake Carroll HS (87.080)11:18 AM - Friendswood HS (87.100)Independent A:11:35 AM - Future Independent Winterguard (72.530)11:43 AM - Eagle Mountain Independent (78.350)11:51 AM - Zephyrus Independent Winter Guard (79.970)Scholastic Open:12:45 PM - Cy-Fair HS (73.000)12:54 PM - McNeil HS (74.900)1:03 PM - McKinney HS (75.500)1:12 PM - Southmoore HS (76.200)1:21 PM - Little Elm HS (78.500)1:30 PM - Coppell HS (78.700)1:39 PM - James Bowie HS (78.800)1:48 PM - Marcus HS (80.000)1:57 PM - Choctaw HS (80.500)Independent Open:2:06 PM - Redemption Guard (73.800)2:15 PM - Black Gold Open (75.100)2:24 PM - Undaunted (78.000)2:33 PM - Glory Independent (81.900)Scholastic World:2:55 PM - Flower Mound HS (76.400)Independent World:3:05 PM - Third Coast Independent (74.500)3:15 PM - Invictus (81.000)3:25 PM - Mirage (85.200)3:35 PM - ORIGINS (85.600)
  10. Lots to unpack here! I’ve definitely been frustrated for some of the groups that have been reclassified mind season. Thanks for giving me so much to consider!
  11. 1 Tarpon Springs HS Tarpon Springs, FL 85.700 3 91.700 2 The Woodlands HS The Woodlands, TX 86.000 4 90.500 3 Avon HS Avon, IN 84.300 3 90.300 4 Carmel HS Carmel, IN 80.000 1 89.000 5 Miamisburg HS Miamisburg, OH 81.300 3 87.300 6 Arcadia HS Arcadia, CA 78.200 3 84.200 7 Kiski Area HS Vandergrift, PA 79.300 4 83.800 8 Moe and Gene Johnson HS Buda, TX 78.000 4 82.500 9 Center Grove HS Greenwood, IN 72.900 1 81.900 10 Northview HS Brazil, IN 71.200 1 80.200 10 Marvin Ridge HS Waxhaw, NC 74.200 3 80.200 12 Fishers HS Fishers, IN 73.400 3 79.400 13 Warren Central HS Indianapolis, IN 69.600 1 78.600 14 Chino Hills HS Chino Hills, CA 72.300 3 78.300
  12. I think my exact words after seeing James Bowie perform were “Bowie is back.” Very interesting and well performed show!
  13. I thought that was really cool as well and I was absolutely blown away by Johnson! This young team is determined to make a real splash in WGI!
  14. I definitely didn’t get a chance to post everyone unfortunately. I had several other obligations and there were a few times I just had to walk outside and get some air. I actually was impressed by Third Coast. I had not heard of them before this weekend but I thought they were a pretty strong group when I saw them in finals on Sunday. I bet we will start hearing more about this promising young guard in the future!
  15. I’m not 100% sure they have their show flags yet! They didn’t last week. But I don’t know if these are the same as last weeks!
  16. Just added KC to this contest. Also wanted to mention that BOA has officially added a brand new contest for this same weekend in Memphis Tennessee. Which is of course, my home town. I wanted to drive down for this DFW contest but I believe I might have to head to Memphis instead! 😍
  17. Just added Keller Central and got word that Keller HS will NOT be competing in BOA SA. This new UIL every year setup is absolutely going to impact who we see at BOA SA in the coming years. On the plus side, this will give more bubble bands a chance to finally make finals, but on the down side we will miss seeing some of our favorites every season going forward. BOA SA used to really be the battle for the very top band in the state. More so than UIL state. It won’t be that way any longer unfortunately.
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