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  1. Props, music, pagentry, show, writers ... It all costs big money and only those with the ability spend it will be able to compete at the highest level.
  2. Disregards what in particular? If we are talking about the props and the pageantry. I'd say that is a good thing.
  3. oh for the love of God no .. BOA is the absolute worst. Please do not tarnish UIL with BOA
  4. Then we can agree to disagree as it is the main differentiation. Round rock took out their tarp a prop for UIL.. a prop used for BOA.
  5. UIL state placement would say otherwise. Bands like Timber whom did not interact with props beat bands who went to finals in BoA because of props.
  6. Southlake and Timber beat Bell and I guarantee you the idea of someone making a list that doesn't include Bell in th finals would be absurd. I expect one of them to be in it.
  7. Flower mound is a spectacle. Nothing to see here. Hebron deserves to top them.
  8. For UIL I would agree. I would not agree for the top bands for BOA props makes a world of difference. There is no comparison. I was in marching band in the early 90s and have seen the progression to bigger and larger orchestration of props and displays. Their only going to get bigger and more expensive and only the bands with the funds with be at the top.
  9. Theatrical costs money and each year props get bigger and more elaborate. What this causes is a complete separation of the has and has nots. There are great bands that simply will never be able to compete simply because they don't bring in the money to create these large ballet like performances yet people seem to be okay with this year after year. It is unfortunate that that money and ones ability because of it to field elaborate art pieces has completely squashed other programs from being able to compete. This will be the death of marching competition when the only competition is between the bands with the budget.
  10. The whole dance off of BOA needs to change respectfully. It is a marching competition and I've noticed many bands never march more than a minute or so of the entire show compared to the dancing portions.
  11. Just like many things in life money plays a role in the top bands and I'm not sure what can he done about it.
  12. What do the individual judges score for the three music scores? Which ones is woodwinds and or brass for example and which one is percussion?
  13. Those scores are crazy. How does waxa get a 1 a 1 and a 12
  14. I'm scared to death about Timber. It would be a travesty.
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