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  1. After listening to judges commentary.... man, their useless. Beautiful, great, fantastic... 38th
  2. I'm curious about those judging sheets, I assume these are only available to the directors? I always wondered why we see consistant scoring and then more often than one not you have this one judge as we used to say, smoking crack, with a wildly different scoring. Perhaps we should starting throwing out the high and low?
  3. There are a reason there are salary caps in professional sports. This is detrimental to the health of competition in the end and breads apathy. I see it in football. Teams, fans, schools stop caring because what is the point and the money dries up and competition disapears. It becomes nothing more than just a rotation of the haves and the have nots are left on the sideline... Such is life though I guess. You see it in class discussions, taxing discussions, too big to fail.
  4. I know finals is still going on, but speaking with the kids, some band parents across a few bands that did not make it into finals. Some of them are starting to wonder what is the point of SABOA and State if its the same bands year and year out. Bias, money, and juding inconsistancy is starting to build up.
  5. It's not one spot though because there are 14 going to finals
  6. Totally agree, but have to give them credit for beating Bell and Waxa
  7. I'm really concerned about the weather again impacting those early slots. How does UIL state handle things like this? Can't have bands getting soaked or props.
  8. GE rewards mediocre show bands and sinks excellent marching bands
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