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  1. I know there show could use some cleaning, but I thought they had a pretty good run yesterday and I thought they sounded really good. I wonder how much impact having an early time in the first block plays into a bands score. Marcus was in the same block and made finals so maybe not so much, or maybe following Marcus impacted them? Or maybe they placed exactly where they should have?
  2. This is something I never considered. Since the equipment will be in tractor trailers it will be subject to federal HOS rules. If the school only has one driver per tractor trailer they could be cutting it close. HOS says you can only be on duty for 14 hours in one day and only drive 11 of those 14 hours before you must go off duty and rest for 10 hours. If the driver burns through their 14 hour on-duty clock on Tuesday at State they will have to rest 10 hours before heading to Indy instead of going directly from state to Indy. In this scenario if f everything goes perfectly the driver will get to Indy around 12:00 PM on Thursday.
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