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  1. Yep! They’re the best in the state, and it’s not even close.
  2. We Are All Winners In Life Every Band Here Deserves First Place Hebron
  3. That rule doesn't exist for the 7 judge system.
  4. Your first statement is partially correct. Content and design went the way of who you'd expect.
  5. The lord of the sticks have favored the gargoyles.
  6. MCKINNEY BOYD! Might see a new state finalist. 👀
  7. finalists for me: Ronald Reagan Vandegrift Vista Ridge Flower Mound Cedar Ridge Claudia Taylor Johnson Cedar Park Round Rock Keller Hebron The Woodlands Marcus Pearland Coppell
  8. Wylie East joins the about 20 band bubble. Love this contest.
  9. Unfortunately that stadium is AWFUL for acoustics. As someone who has been to SA and GN in the same year, keep it in Lucas Oil.
  10. SFA with a solid placement considering they were the smallest band here.
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