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2022 BOA San Antonio (Nov. 4 & 5)

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9 minutes ago, Vewer said:

Did anyone else notice that everyone from Coppell was wearing masks at retreat?

They had a mask mandate--people have been getting sick left and right and they want to have the best performance possible by keeping people healthy.

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5 hours ago, VandyBandyFandy said:

I was there last night, and all of the bands were just amazing. Less than one point seperated the top 5 bands. You really couldn't have gone wrong with any of them. I will say that I really, really thought Vista Ridge should have finished higher. Their show and energy this year is just unbelievable. 

The intensity of their sound and the exposure of their staging really made the difference for them being in top half (ahem🙈) the bands above them in my opinion were just better at this particular skill set, plus More demanding, complex drill and music. 

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Just now, RandomBandGuy23 said:

Sorry I wasn’t able to get any of the non finalist bands but I thought y’all would enjoy those regardless :)

Any and all are appreciated.  I have a way to make cookies too, but unfortunately I was at the dome helping our band and haven't mastered how to remotely do that yet...maybe next year!

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11 hours ago, urmom292 said:

i think that the bubble is definitely bigger and that some groups that were in the bubble would move into finals

Interesting. With everything that has happened there are still Keller doubters. Sure, they finished 14th in SASR Finals so the possibility of missing SMBC Finals has to at least be considered. But the other side of the coin is they also Finished 10th in SASR Prelims. (Likewise, Pearland was 14th and 12th.) Now the absence of 5A Cedar Park also provides some breathing room. Keller has made SMBC Finals every year there was a full competition since 2014. (This excludes the strange 2020 Covid-19 lockdown mini-contest which they didn’t attend, just like most of the state.) This year the design of the show is also intentionally slanted toward the UIL score sheet. I think it’s a coin flip whether the vacated slot is filled by Waxahatchie or Timber Creek. Other than that the only change I’m expecting is the order of finish for the bands. But there’s a reason the contest is settled on the field instead of in the forum. 🙂

Good luck to everyone! Make that last run memorable.

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I was really impressed with the quality of each group in the finals!

I have a complaint though. The group of young people behind us ruined the entire experience. Please be careful about your behavior at these events. They talked non-stop, and screamed, and yelled, at every thing. I'm not joking when I say I couldn't really hear Hebron due to their yelling. HEBRON. I get excited too, but this was stupid excited...zero awareness of those around them. My friend and I left as soon as the last band performed because we couldn't take it any longer. I looked up at one young lady while she was screaming and it was full stop crazy...jumping up and down, screaming like an idiot. Those around me were equally annoyed. 

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Fantastic set of HS marching bands we have here in TX!

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