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BOA San Antonio Traveling Trophy

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20 minutes ago, Asaiah said:

That's actually an amazing idea and a great way to honor the previous (and future) SASR champions, can't imagine anyone at BOA objecting to it. Props to the CTJ people for getting the ball rolling on this!

I doubt there will be objections - just need then to plan/build a time to award the trophy during their retreat. Excited about getting this off the ground

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3 hours ago, JMR2022 said:

So I have seen a number of comments this year about a Texas Trophy for the winner of BOA San Antonio.

The Bands of Claudia Taylor Johnson Foundation and the CTJ Band Parents Assc. serve as the host program of the BOA San Antonio Super Regional.  While it will not happen this year, the bands of CTJ Foundation has made the request to MFA/BOA to create a traveling trophy similar to the grand nationals eagle (Kevin) Trophy.

I hope that we can have this in place for next years BOA San Antonio Super Regional. 

I have heard a number of suggestions for the trophy to include the "armadillo" and the "road runner" - there is interest in UTSA in sponsoring the Texas Road Runner trophy but I will keep you all posted as this develops.

It would be my intent that, that the trophy would recognize the previous winners of BOA San Antonio since it became a Super Regional on November 1st 2003 (FYI - San Antonio was the first Super Regional). those would include the following

  • 2003 - Westfield
  • 2004 - Reagan
  • 2005 - Reagan
  • 2006 - LD Bell
  • 2007 - Marcus
  • 2008 - LD Bell
  • 2009 - LD Bell
  • 2010 - Marcus
  • 2011 - LD Bell
  • 2012 - Marcus
  • 2013 - The Woodlands
  • 2014 - Claudia Taylor Johnson
  • 2015 - Flower Mound
  • 2016 - Flower Mound
  • 2017 - Claudia Taylor Johnson
  • 2018 - Flower Mound
  • 2019 - Reagan
  • 2020 - Cancelled due to Covid
  • 2021 - Hebron

once we have support of MFA/BOA, we will create a poll to decide the name of the trophy - including the nickname of the trophy - FYI - the Woodlands is credited with naming the Eagle as Kevin after hosting him in 2013.

welcome your thoughts.

Shoutouts to the Woodlands for bestowing such an iconic name for the Eagle, never knew that!!😮🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

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3 minutes ago, FloMoParent said:

this sounds like a great idea.

I could see MFA/BOA dragging their feet unless the other Super Regional contests get a similar trophy.  I could see them thinking that they don't want SASR to be thought of any different/greater than the other SR (St. Louis/Indy)

Maybe all the super regionals could get their own trophies?

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5 hours ago, JMR2022 said:

that is my concern - they may drag it out. but since we host the event we could do it anyway off the field and make it a Texas award that is not sanctioned by them. I had a conversation with the MFA CEO at BOA-SA so we are on track for next year. Just gotta get the details ironed out - but I will make this happen.

My point is that it is being done by the host program that provides more than 350 volunteers with more than 2,500 volunteer hours over a 4 day period to make the BOA San Antonio the best run event outside of Indy - If the other Super Regionals want to play then they can do the same and pay - it is not a cheap process to create a trophy similar to the Kevin trophy.

Texas needs their own Trophy - every year we hear "if only the BOA SA winner went to Grand Nats this year" - or maybe we create a BOA Governors Cup Trophy   - there are many ways to skin a cat. 

 Will keep you all posted - I have a designer working on the trophy as we speak.

I’m so happy to hear this! I originally had those concerns as well but your explanation makes sense. Part of me almost thinks this is a prank and that I’m getting my hopes up 😅.

If there’s ever any sort of fundraiser for the trophy, I’d love to donate. 


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