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  1. Melissa is one of the biggest questions in my opinion. They are a fantastic band with lots of UIL success but I have no idea what to expect from them in BOA competition. I'm sure they will be great though!
  2. I completely agree. I have no idea how much progress will be made in one week before this regional, but we see this year after year in San Antonio where people count out Keller due to mediocre early season results and they come out of nowhere with a highly executed and very demanding program and make it comfortably into finals.
  3. Based on early season contests, Keller Central looks stronger than they have been in years. We could possibly see three Keller schools at state!
  4. I'd be surprised to not see Southlake Carroll or Highland Park in the top 10.
  5. I don't think there is anything significant going on. The DFW area schools tend to be on a slower trajectory than the Austin and Houston area schools each year, but they always get there.
  6. I'm not surprised by Wakeland here at all. They were my favorite of the 8 I was able to see.
  7. If I've learned anything about Keller over the years, it's that Carol Britton Chambers knows how to write them really great and demanding closers.
  8. Have they never gone? I know they don't most years but thought they had gone once or twice recently.
  9. Finally made it to the stream for the last few bands. Wow Wakeland continues to impress me. I think they are going to be one of the next bands to emerge into San Antonio finals within the next few years. Closer was pretty dirty but this show has a lot of potential!
  10. When the schedule for finals is available, will someone post? I want to try to watch some of it.
  11. I'm so excited to finally get a feel for some of these bands that I have heard nothing about all season!
  12. Not to mention Westwood, Owasso, Keller Central, Forney, maybe even Rock Hill... this is a pretty deep contest. Also, Grapevine had a great showing last week so can't forget about them.
  13. I don't think many groups here are going to San Antonio. Maybe a couple, but not most.
  14. I'm not sure if I understand correctly but I will try to answer this- All bands listed here still have to receive a 1 at region to attend this contest. The draw has just been predetermined so if a band gets a 2 they will be skipped in the order.
  15. I agree that the Mansfield schools tend to be overlooked. They are very strong programs but often have to compete with the likes of grand nats caliber bands. I appreciate that some have begun to travel to other regionals.
  16. I haven't seen CTJ so I'm not commenting on them, but in general I'm not a fan of vocalists in marching band performances.
  17. No surprise to see Clovis winning this one, but shoutout to Grapevine for giving them a good challenge. They will be a fun one to watch this season!
  18. Rough draw for Keller (and Carroll) but they should hopefully be able to still make finals.
  19. I would say only include our of state contests if there are Texas bands competing but would also be ok with including any contest featured by hornrank (BOA and major local contests). That means some random contest in Idaho or California or Massachusetts would probably not be all that interesting to make predictions for, but BOA Grand Nats would!
  20. Unfortunately, it would take some serious gerrymandering because Area B is also ridiculous.
  21. This contest gets better every year. In the past I would have said that Austin always showcased a half dozen or so extremely amazing bands and then a dozen or so decent but not standout worthy groups. Whereas the DFW and Houston competitions have a handful of top tier but a ton of competition in the next tier down, just knocking on the doors of greatness. The bands that attend this regional have been really improving though and I would now say that it matches any other regional in the number of excellent, competitive bands. So many groups that deserve to be a finalist here!
  22. How is novice/ advanced determined? I don't follow drumline much but I'm surprised by some of them.
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