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  1. cedar park, coppell, flomo, hebron, keller, leander, marcus, pearland, reagan, round rock, rouse, twhs, vandy, and vista. that's actually 14 right there, mostly the legacy ones besides rouse who had an amazing 2023. cedar ridge, ctj, cy-fair, bowie, bell, southlake carroll, waxahachie, and westlake. ld bell rocked it last yr, will see if they're consistent. westlake and ctj also made finals. not sure which ones have had director changes. may create some opportunities.
  2. avon, bridgeland, broken arrow, brownsburg, carmel, cedar park, dobyns bennett, fishers, leander, tarpon springs, william mason... aaaaand american fork/mustang/o'fallon/prosper/union. not really up to date on the strongest bubbles tbh. would love to see friendswood in the mix. brownsburg and fishers maybe more at risk than i think, musically were pretty rough last yr (watching nats live), but then they still made finals, so... think design and vis will keep them there.
  3. if i do any regionals this'll prob be the only one i attend. no woodlands (maybe a conflict or not wanting to drive an hour and a half across the city), but it's closer to me and more stacked overall than north Houston.
  4. this is the event i'd wanna judge. lower in quantity, higher in quality. like a DCI event, short and sweet. i wouldn't develop my normal migraine maybe lol.
  5. anybody know if twhs world is keeping their normal schedule and attending Dayton again next yr? looking forward to seeing what they look like at close to "max power" w/ that first group of McCullough girls becoming seniors. watching the retreat, looks like only 8 of the 32 world members were seniors this season. i know most of their weapon ppl were juniors and younger. girl doing the front walkover is i think a sophomore. they should start guard programs at the intermediate schools!!! lol. focus on dance!! also i want to see Code Black revived, funnel in the tw girls who are sticking around the Houston area after graduation + other top performers in the area. Code Green!!! lol. Houston needs an IW guard that can last.
  6. also when's the last time IW scores were this low???
  7. aaand they did! gap between tw and arcadia is a liiittle too big but it looks like a lot of it came from movement. i DO see THAT gap very clearly. tw should be bringing in an outside dance master to help further develop those skills. been a weakness for several years now. nevertheless a great season. just a smidge under 95. i prob would have scored them a 95.5 if upstairs. just gotta get cleaner and figure out how to move those 30+ bodies from point A to point B in a way that looks just a liittle bit clearer and less cluttered, while being interesting and musical. a little more variety in the soundtrack would be nice too. last yr did the variety thing better which is prob why their rep scores were higher last yr. take me different places!! congrats to fusion!! was an easy prediction to make that they'd be the next new gold medalist, knowing the team behind the show. SCV round 2 here we come!!
  8. mirage makes me wanna wear flannel and go to Michfest LOL.
  9. very happy for tw. it was a great run overall, just some dirt here and there. still think they could be playing the WGI game a little better but i also respect how they just "go for it" as far as having everyone on the floor do hard stuff. really kinda fearless. also cool to see Cyndi's visions start to come to life w/ the next level talent of the performers. poetry indeed. the theme is there for you to dig into, patiently illustrated. it's not spectacle or cutesy sleight-of-hand. it's mature and has the strangeness of good art. but yeah def do something you can get closer to 100% clean next year unless they start to consider difficulty and risk more LOL
  10. welp Fusion in 1st in IW after semis. wasn't even their best run. not at all surprising. stiiill not in love with the soundtrack but the designs in IW this yr are mostly..... yeah... my prediction from last yr for Fusion will prob be right. if not this year, then next unless POC has a banger.
  11. ugh Origins off of 6th by 0.2. so close!! Bowie had a stellar run, Marcus was very strong also. too bad the audio on Flo for SO is 2 seconds ahead of the visual. all the solo tosses were spoiled by the snap sound or lack thereof and audience reaction LOL.
  12. Origins had an absolutely amazing run in semis, such a friggin hard show, the phrases are so dense and quick, just imagining myself trying these combinations across the floor is making me anxious lol. if im judging DA they move up over Juxta. the only big risk for them scorewise is the relative lack of variety in the mood and overall effect but it does fit the theme.
  13. ok good, Carmel up to 5th, 3 points ahead of WC in 9th. a little twilight zone-ish before. tw still in 3rd, 1.1 pts off 2nd, 1.2 pts ahead of tarpon. 3rd's prob where they'll end up in finals, which is fab. wasn't even expecting them to show up at Dayton this yr so it's a pleasant surprise. really a treat. cool to see them develop into a consistent medalist quality group. guard is finally as strong or stronger than the band!!! Lol. think they already very obviously have the talent for gold. designers (designer?) just need to figure out how to frame that talent in a gold medal worthy way. not to say the staging/choreo this year is weak by any stretch of the imagination, it's quite fantastic, esp considering it mostly comes from one person. but once u get to the tippy top of the world class u gotta deal w/ those legendary design teams. breadth of talent and lots of tosses won't get u gold. which really that prob SHOULD be more of a consideration on the sheets, difficulty/risk and whatnot, bc it rewards the actual performers a bit more, but alas it is not, not explicitly anyway lol. variety range and depth do provide a particular challenge of their own.
  14. both Carmel and Tarpon were quite clean. i don't understand Carmel below Warren Central. like.... at all.
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