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  1. cedar ridge with a near perfect percussion score in prelims and finals..
  2. Man, what a day and what a contest. I was surely convinced the top 2 of the contest would be hebron and the woodlands. Wasn’t quite expecting vandy to sneak up and tie with hebron like that. Gotta say it’s cool to see waxahachie back in finals and to see pearland in finals as well. This is a transition year for pearland and they’re already doing so much better than before, I think they will be one of the next powerhouse programs in the coming years. Sad about Ld Bell missing finals for the first time in so long, however they had a tough job with that time spot so they decided to give it their all. 16th after going 2nd isn’t bad at all actually. Looking forward to seeing them make their come back soon enough. I’m ready for tomorrow but i’m also ready for some sleep, see y’all tomorrow!
  3. I have no idea who takes home the win this year, during hebron I was literally wondering how anyone could compare and then the woodlands came out and did that…
  4. I think this is the most likely outcome, I would seriously hate to be a judge at this contest but i’d love it at the same time
  5. I was confused by a lot of the preliminary scoring if i’m honest
  6. can’t remember but I know it’s an earth wind & fire tune
  7. I won’t be surprised if we see bell again tonight or we don’t see bell again tonight. I didn’t see their run but I heard it was solid.
  8. Anyways, I just want to write a little post before I head to bed. Good luck to all performing students from all around the state over the next two days. This has been a great season to keep up with and everyone of you has put in a lot of hard work. This is your moment and you’ve all worked hard for it. As for those of you that are watching, I’m looking forward to keeping up with it over the next couple of days and maybe even bantering with some of y’all😉 haha can’t wait for tomorrow!
  9. I arrived to the stadium before their community performance a little early to see them practice and heard them in the lot playing that and wondered what it was. It works soooooo much better and I think it will help their scores. They just gotta sell it, just like the rest of the show.
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