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  1. 2 minutes ago, Rubisco said:

    I watched on the multicam tonight, so I don't know what it all looked like from high up, but every band seemed to give their best performance of the year.

    I only watched the high cam so I didn't get the intricate details, I'm a sucker for big marching movement.

    I would have loved to have a split screen or two large TV's to watch. Sometimes it seems like multi-cam misses a lot

  2. I really liked The Woodlands show too. I thought they had their best run in finals.

    I know Broken Arrow is the favorite, but it seemed a bit off in my eye. Just not as crisp. It was very pretty and the music was wow.

    Did Marcus change something? Earlier runs I was wowed by their marching and was waiting for it in finals. Their music book was performed at world class level.

    I really liked Avon and LOVED Carmel's use of negative space and silence. 

  3. Thank goodness this was "Left pending in committee"


    We REALLY need to get members of the TexLege that are friendly towards public education.  I'm not talking red/blue or left/right but members of the lege that actually support public schools, teachers, and school activities.  There are FAR too many members (both sides) that give lip service and then pass legislation that actually HURTS our schools and our kids (and in turn our communities).

  4. Looking at the proposed 6A  Area C (Regions 2, 3, 4, 21, & 25):

    Region 2: v High Schools

    Lewisville HS

    Hebron HS

    Flower Mound HS

    Marcus HS
    Denton Guyer HS
    Braswell HS

    Eaton HS

    Byron Nelson HS

    Region 3 High Schools

    Horn HS
    Mesquite HS
    North Mesquite HS
    Sachse HS
    North Garland HS
    Rowlett HS
    Lakeview Centennial HS
    Garland HS
    Naaman Forest HS
    South Garland HS
    Rockwall HS

    Rockwall-Heath HS

    Region 4 High Schools

    (no 6A)


    Region 24 High Schools:

    McKinney HS
    McKinney Boyd HS
    Little Elm HS


    Region 25 High Schools
    Allen HS
    Plano West Sr HS
    Plano East Sr HS
    Plano Sr HS
    Wylie HS
    Prosper HS
  5. Just thought this might be an interesting subject as we enter the post season, especially since many of our marching bands are still busy performing at playoff football games!


    Just saw that Duncanville REALLY whipped Flower Mound earlier today in the AT&T stadium. Who do they play next?


    Who else won their playoff games today and who and where do you play next?

    This was Flower Mound's FIRST trip to the second round ever.  For that they got to play the #1 team in the state.  (at least the score wasn't as bad as Southlake Carroll over Lewisville 84-0 in the first round)


    And we confirmed that the Death Star (a.k.a.Jerry World) is horrible for marching bands.

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