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  1. SURREAL was neck and neck with LEONARDO'S DREAM.  SURREAL would have fared well in this game!  See you in Waco for my first BOA contest as a spectator.  Got there late last year, saw 4 bands, broke for lunch, and then the cancel.  I remember the local chicken place passing out free chicken tender sandwiches to folks as they left.  Will for sure patronize them this year, I believe it was BUSH'S CHICKEN.  Wish L.D.BELL, my alum, was attending.

    I don't know why SURREAL was not listed in this competition.  But I am not worried about it.  This was just fun and I am glad my favorite won.




  2. The successful colleges all have tailgate parties for football, seems like Texas should have them for band:). I think this is going to be the year at Indy, so many top programs going, they’re not all going to have a down year as has happened so often in the past. By that, I guess I mean not winning is a down year, probably not the right word choice.....At least the rain is not pouring this year. That’s only good thing about lack of rain and heat!


    You must not have seen the FloMo Band Parents tailgate at various BOA competitions. The "tailgate" between prelims and finals has become quite a scene. 

  3. That is easy for me.  2014 Grand Nats finals performance of Flower Mound's Harmonic Tapestries. I was in the center of the lower section, close enough to see faces, my baby girl was a senior and my son was a freshman.  I saw them both at different parts and started to get choked up. This was the first real activity that they had done together, and here they were performing on the biggest stage, and tears were starting to flow.  Then when I saw my daughter's face later, I could tell she was getting emotional but fighting it back I couldn't and I lost it.  Tears were full on streaming down my face.  I wasn't the only one in that area of the stands who needed a large handkerchief for wiping away the tears, most of us senior parents were in full-on cry. A most joyful and happy cry. Years of pent up emotion pouring out for all of us.

    It wasn't just that the performance brought me (and most of us) to tears, it was all the trials that they had been through as a band, just missing state with the circus show (The Greatest Show in 2012-13) and getting ranked 44th by one judge in music for 2013-14 FloModern and just missing BOA San Antonio finals.  Also, seemingly always being the afterthought when talking about Flower Mound bands.  We would be at a competition and someone would ask what band we were with, and we'd say "Flower Mound" then then person asking the question would go on raving about how much they loved what Marcus was doing.  We'd have to reply "no, that is Flower Mound Marcus, we are Flower Mound High School." To which they would simply reply "Oh" and end the conversation.

    That performance, that night in Indianapolis was the first mountaintop that the band reached.  No longer in the shadow of Marcus, they arrived.  Little did we know that would be the launching pad for what was to come.

  4. It is clear that the top four (Blue Coats, Blue Devils, SCV, and Carolina Crown) are the best of the best.  I found it ironic that the Best Brass caption and Best Perussions caption went the the 4th and 3rd bands.  Isn't this Drum and Bugle Corps? 

    With Best GE going to 2nd place, it could have been a four way tie this year.

    Personally, and I have stated before, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Crown's show.  Of all the music I heard tonight, theirs is the only one still echoing in my head.

    Still having to place them 1, 2, 3, and 4, I would have put the Blue Coats #1, Devils #2, Crown #3, and SCV #4.  I thought there was just too much violin in the BD show and I just didn't get SCV this year, they had too much going on and their poles all over the place were more distracting than anything else.  I thought Blooooo brought it tonight.  That was the best I've seen of them this year.  I thought most of the finalist brought their A+ game tonight.

    I wish DCI would go top 6, bottom 6 random performance as I feel that the scores are too much locked into the place that they play.  It feels to me that the judges scores are somewhat influenced by "oh this corps is playing later, they must be better than the one before it."  I don't understand how Crown was first in music, 3rd in GE, and 5th in Visuals (I guess I have no clue what they are looking for visually as I thought Crown had some amazing, fast, and tight marching) while SCV was 4th in GE, 4th in music and 3rd in Visuals.

    Oh well, just my uneducated opinion as I am just a fan

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