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2021 BOA Waco (Oct. 30)

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This season ending Regional contest has just finalized it’s venue and will be held in the Waco ISD Stadium.

Schedule for prelims (updated 10/27/21):

9:45 - Summit H.S., TX
10:00 - Waller H.S., TX
10:15 - Midlothian H.S., TX
10:30 - Aledo H.S., TX
10:45 - Johnson H.S., TX
11:00 - Cedar Park H.S., TX
11:15 - Robert E. Hendrickson H.S., TX


12:15 - Dripping Springs H.S., TX
12:30 - Anderson H.S., TX
12:45 - Memorial H.S., TX
1:00 - Roma H.S., TX
1:15 - Colleyville Heritage H.S., TX
1:30 - Veterans Memorial H.S., TX
1:45 - Rock Hill H.S., TX


2:30 - W.E. Boswell H.S., TX
2:45 - John B. Connally H.S., TX
3:00 - Burleson H.S., TX
3:15 - Liberal Arts and Science Academy, TX
3:30 - Lamar H.S., TX
3:45 - Creekview H.S., TX
4:00 - Rouse H.S., TX
4:15 - Burleson Centennial H.S., TX
4:30 - James Bowie H.S., TX

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Updated the prelims schedule
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Prelims Schedule

9:15 Troy, TX
9:30 Summit, TX
9:45 Waller, TX
10:00 Midlothian, TX
10:15 Aledo, TX
10:30 Johnson (Buda), TX
10:45 Cedar Park, TX
11:00 Hendrickson, TX

11:15 Break

12:00 Dripping Springs, TX
12:15 Anderson, TX
12:30 Memorial, TX
12:45 McCallum, TX
1:00 W.E. Boswell, TX
1:15 Colleyville Heritage, TX
1:30 Veterans Memorial, TX
1:45 Rock Hill, TX

2:00 Break

2:30 John B. Connally, TX
2:45 Burleson, TX
3:00 Liberal Arts/Sci Acad., TX
3:15 Lamar, TX
3:30 Creekview, TX
3:45 Rouse, TX
4:00 Burleson Centennial, TX
4:15 James Bowie, TX

4:45 Prelims Awards Ceremony
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Wow!  Its not that often that such a strong bunch is in the first block.

I'm really curious to see how Buda Johnson does against some of the more known powers.  Also curious about Summit, Rouse, and Colleyville Heritage and I know virtually nothing about Rock Hill, but I've got to imagine they are in contention for finals.

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This is going to a very close contest. It's flying under the radar because none of the tippy top 6A bands are involved. I'll be there. 


This is going to be a very good preview of what to expect in the 5A State Marching Band Contest. Rouse, CP, Aledo, Hendrickson all should have great showings. 


I'm excited to see Summit, Colleyville Heritage and Rock Hill. It will be my first time seeing them this year. 

Don't count out Bowie. 

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7 minutes ago, Quadmom68 said:

I wonder if any state bound 5A bands are going to go. They have to turn around and leave for San Antonio the following Monday. And if they have an early call time in SA, they might have to leave Sunday night. That makes for a lot of tired kids. 

Yep, many bands have to go to Waco and from Waco go to San Antonio. Thankfully the contest isn't until monday so at least they have 1 day of rest.

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This is Cedar Park's to lose. They have a fantastic show this year and I would love to see them finally win what I believe would be their first BOA event. I'd say Rouse will probably get the silver medal and James Bowie the bronze here. As for the rest of finals, I'd probably say bands like Hendrickson, Dripping Springs, Summit, Aledo, Johnson, Burleson Centennial, and Colleyville Heritage will fill out the remaining spots.

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Yesterday at Area H was interesting when talking about Rouse and Cedar Park. Applying BOA score sheets would have had the results swapped I believe. 


Rouse has a beautiful show and they March and perform it really well. They earned that 2nd place. Cedar Park dominated prelim. They debuted a new finish with more GE. In finals the show almost broke here. They recovered well. Where it almost broke was as the band started a large movement where the full band was playing and moving and changed key. 


I have Cedar Park winning this by a very thin margin. Rouse's General Effect is their strongest point. Cedar Park's degree of difficulty is their's. Wow, that's a hard show. I think ensemble playing is going to propel the Timberwolves in this one. But, anything can happen as a day progresses. 

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14 hours ago, tamago1 said:

Yep, many bands have to go to Waco and from Waco go to San Antonio. Thankfully the contest isn't until monday so at least they have 1 day of rest.

We did find out Summit's performance time at state was 9:30 am, so I'm not so sure about Waco. I think they're talking about leaving the night before. 🤷‍♀️

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Not sure about anyone else's band, but we are seeing some sick kiddos. I think they are just worn out! I'm personally very glad that my student's band is not participating in a contest on Saturday. They are leaving for San Antonio early Sunday, and I think it would have been a beating to compete all day/evening on Saturday and leave the next day. I think the day of extra rest will help them. 

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Updated schedule from BOA around lunch time today:

9:45 - Summit
10:00 - Waller
10:15 - Midlothian
10:30 - Aledo
10:45 - Johnson (Buda)
11:00 - Cedar Park
11:15 - Hendrickson

12:15 - Dripping Springs
12:30 - Anderson
12:45 - Memorial
1:00 - Roma
1:15 - Colleyville Heritage
1:30 - Veterans Memorial
1:45 - Rock Hill

2:30 - Boswell
2:45 - Connally
3:00 - Burleson
3:15 - Liberal Arts and Science Academy
3:30 - Lamar
3:45 - Creekview
4:00 - Rouse
4:15 - Burleson Centennial
4:30 - Bowie

So it looks like Troy and McCallum dropped and Roma joined.

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