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  1. how so? I'm just looking at your top 3 prediction: It looks like those parenthetical scores are before penalties are applied, which would result in final rankings of (1) Vandegrift, (2) Vista Ridge, (3) Leander. Vista Ridge and Leander would tie, both earning an 85.90, and the tie would be broken by awarding the higher placement to the band with the higher pre-penalty score, so Vista Ridge would win the tiebreaker.
  2. if you're gonna predict penalties, you at least have to accurately apply the tie-breaking rules. If two bands tie in post-penalty score, the band with the higher pre-penalty score receives the higher ranking. If that doesn't break the tie, then the infamous GE tiebreaker is used.
  3. I love that we can tag people @LeanderMomma. I'm gonna use that feature all the time to drag @principalagent!
  4. Yes! This is Moe & Gene Johnson's first year. I believe the school doesn't even have a football team yet, just a band. The football program isn't starting until 2020, but they went ahead and started the band program in 2019.
  5. medaling gets you automatically promoted to world it's a catch 22
  6. dang, I really thought it would pass. As Kathy said in her interview with Dan, it was recommended by a Dave Glasgow-led taskforce and the entire board of directors. From what I've heard, directors believe the incorporation of woodwinds is only a matter of time, but want more time to plan and discuss implementation options. I wouldn't be shocked to see a limited proposal (like the last minute 8 woodwinds only proposal) that does pass next year and full inclusion a few years later. It's still just ridiculous to me that a corps could legally march 153 ewi's and an electric guitar soloist, but can
  7. It's going to pass. It was proposed by DCI board president Kathy Black, because most corps representatives were too scared of the backlash to propose it themselves. I doubt you'll see many corps implement it this season, and those who do will probably only have a soloist or duet. I for one would much rather hear an actual woodwind instead of more synthesizers mimicking woodwinds. I'm not sure if we'll ever see marching woodwinds like at the high school level — the instruments simply can't live up to a summer of drum corps. I imagine woodwind players will be treated much like most drum
  8. It is unclear how long that long-term deal is. DCI recently announced a contract extension through 2028. MFA only recently announced future dates for 2021 and 2022. This time last year, they only had future dates through 2020, so it does seem like their contract is a bit closer to one or two years at a time, instead of 10 years at a time like DCI's. I'm not saying they'll be moving Grand Nationals anytime soon, but I don't know if they're quite as locked in to Indianapolis as everyone thinks.
  9. Semifinals isn't going to happen next year. BOA doesn't want to lower the prestige of Grand Nationals by making San Antonio into a three round competition. I think the biggest dynamic for San Antonio 2020 depends on the date! We know UIL will be held Nov. 2–4, but San Antonio dates haven't been confirmed yet. If it is actually held Nov. 6–7 as the rumor mill is spreading, then that really could change what groups we see at San Antonio, since it doesn't conflict with 3A and 5A Area preferred dates, but it could also see fewer 6A bands since they aren't getting that extra run in the dome rig
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