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  1. I find it interesting that I've been noticing more contests splitting finals by top half and bottom half. Has this been a thing for a while or have I just started to notice it more?
  2. Class 6A: Music: Westwood HS Visual: Westwood HS General Effect: Westwood HS 3rd: Winston Churchill HS 2nd: McNeil HS 1st: Westwood HS --------------------------------------------------------- Class 5A: Music: Belton HS (Might be Lake Belton) Visual: Tom Glenn HS General Effect: Tom Glenn HS 3rd: Liberty Hill HS 2nd: Lake Belton HS 1st: Tom Glenn HS --------------------------------------------------------- Class 4A: Music: Burnet HS Visual: Burnet HS General Effect: Burnet HS 3rd: Giddings HS 2nd: Marble Falls HS 1st: Burnet HS Finals Schedule: 7:15 - Burnet HS (Exhibition) 7:30 - McCallum HS 7:45 - New Braunfels HS 8:00 - Liberty Hill HS 8:15 - Weiss HS 8:30 - Belton HS BREAK 9:00 - Westwood HS 9:15 - Lake Belton HS 9:30 - McNeil HS 9:45 - Winston Churchill HS 10:00 - Tom Glenn HS 10:25 - Vista Ridge HS (Exhibition)
  3. Just thought everyone here would like this and find it interesting Genesis recently announced that they will be doing a smaller tour around Texas from June 23rd-July 13th before starting the official DCI tour in Denver. The main reason behind this is to "give back to the communities that have given so much to us" and I am all for it. Stops include Sharyland, San Benito, Corpus Christi, Houston, Brenham, Smithville, Oklahoma City, OK; and Garden City, KS. I personally am very excited to travel to many areas that don't get drum corps anywhere close to them to work with and perform for all the kids that have to drive hours just to see the nearest drum corps show. More information at genesisdbc.org
  4. Finals Results: 1st: 96.90 - Moe & Gene Johnson HS (Caption sweep) 2nd: 94.80 - Liberal Arts & Science Academy 3rd: 93.70 - William J. Brennan HS 4th: 93.00 - Anderson HS 5th: 91.60 - George Ranch HS 6th: 89.50 - John Marshall HS 7th: 89.00 - East View HS 8th: 86.90 - W. Charles Akins HS 9th: 84.90 - Lehman HS 10th: 83.70 - Pieper HS 11th: 82.00 - Samuel V. Champion HS 12th: 78.30 - Louise HS The only difference in placements in prelims for those 12 was that John Marshall and East View were switched since finals schedule is in prelims score order. The website had the prelims results but they took them down and put up finals. After a whole season of them not posting finals results they decide to get rid of the prelims results after I had gotten a person to write down finals scores at the event. I thought the new ownership would help improve USBands but they are still awful at posting results to nobody's surprise
  5. So my old high school recently got a new trailer and I don't have all the details but they've been saving up money for it for years as well as some fundraising and grants. The company they got it from customized it and everything, super good product. I even helped assemble it when they brought it over. Typically even with this big trailer, they still have a box truck separate for props. I can ask for more specific answers to your questions if you'd like
  6. Really surprised at LASA making finals, especially on their first year on their own. That's really good for them!
  7. Actually I think one is an alto flute (?) I'm pretty sure I heard somebody say it was. They do look similar though
  8. This contest has been an alternative for BOA San Antonio for bands that don't want to spend as much, travel as far, or go somewhere smaller. I wouldn't call it a direct answer to San Antonio, it just gives smaller programs a good place to end the season. I would say USBand's answer to BOA SA is their event at AT&T Stadium, but that event is gone.
  9. Sorry knew I forgot something, got too into having to rewrite the whole schedule to make it readable here
  10. Saturday November 6th - Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex As of 10/31 10:30am - Central Catholic HS A/Group 1 10:45am - Moody HS A/Group 1 11:00am - Highlands HS Open/Group 1 11:15am - Snyder HS Open/Group 1 11:30am - Louise HS Open/Group 1 12:00am - Pieper HS Open/Group 2 12:15pm - Navarro Early College HS Open/Group 2 12:30pm - East View HS Open/Group 2 12:45pm - Grandview HS Open/Group 2 1:00pm - Lehman HS Open/Group 2 1:15pm - Robstown Early College HS Open/Group 2 2:00pm - George Ranch HS Open/Group 3 2:15pm - Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy Open/Group 3 2:30pm - W. Charles Akins Early College HS Open/Group 3 3:15pm - United South HS Open/Group 4 3:30pm - Samuel V. Champion HS Open/Group 4 3:45pm - William J. Brennan HS Open/Group 4 4:00pm - John Marshall HS Open/Group 4 4:15pm - Moe & Gene Johnson HS Open/Group 5 4:30pm - Anderson HS Open/Group 5 4:45pm - Stony Point HS (Exhibition)
  11. All even number areas have been checked and changed and make editable (if needed). Next time please wait for region to be done before posting area predictions
  12. Rumor has it that McCallum is dropping. I wonder if any of the other state bands are gonna drop
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