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  1. My biggest shock is DB… my friend and I saw this show live and although they are very good, we felt board the whole time. Obviously the judges don’t judge on that, but Round Rock was way better In our opinion, but still happy for them. Good luck to everyone tonight! Bring us back Kevin!
  2. Same only gonna be there for the last block, but finals will still be amazing! Had a college visit at Purdue.
  3. I’m actually not surprised at all! I saw tune live yesterday and both me and my friend were in shock at how amazing they were! We were so nervous when they called them last, and I can’t wait to see them later today(hopefully twice).
  4. Vista was amazing! Still a few things here and there but overall really good! Flowermound definitely had their best run yet! Definitely much fixed up from State!
  5. Ronald Regan- Wow! That was fantastic! I personally heard a couple of things in the high brass, but nothing they can’t clean for finals! Visually it looked amazing! Great job guys! Also- does anyone know the theme of Blue Springs show?
  6. Also quick question, is the times listed for the performances on the BOA website with the time zone in Indianapolis? Just wondering bc I was gonna catch Marcus at 5:30, but it seems they’ve already gone, but just wanted to confirm. Looks like Texas time is an hour behind the times on tue schedule.
  7. I would personally say Wando is probably behind all except maybe VR and DB, but I personally think 7th is kinda to high, but may be wrong, I’d say bottom of finals, but wounds he shocked if not in finals at all. Just so man good bands this year.
  8. So, other than the general stuff, is there anything specific I should bring as a spectator. Me and my friend who are in band will be here, and we’ve been to a couple of contest, but nothing this big, so just wanted to know if there way anything special or what to bring for this contest. We’re very excited!
  9. Hey if anyone has a vid of FlowerMound plz plz dm me
  10. Yeah I agree idk how it was that low but could definitely see them too 3 at Nats. Maybe ever Marcus? It’s gonna be one heck of a competition is all I know
  11. If someone has vid of FlowerMound plz dm me
  12. Cant wait to see this show this weekend!
  13. I just wanted to say a couple things. One, congratulations to Coppell and Southlake Carroll. I saw both of these bands and shows for the 1st time at boa dfw, and fell in love with both of them. I’ve been rooting for these 2 all season, and I’m so happy for them. Also was pulling for TC but y’all still did amazing for your 1st state showing. also congratulations to everyone else who performed yesterday. These bands just keep getting better and better, and good luck to all todays finalist!
  14. Can you dm if possible if you do by chance get to
  15. Does anyone have recaps. Oh recap fairy, I would love a visit
  16. Im so happy for the programs. Congratulations to everyone
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