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  1. Good Morning everyone!!! Happy DCI Finals day!!!! Really looking forward to tonight!!! History had already been made, snd I’m hoping some more is made on this special day. I leave for college tomorrow as a freshmen so tonight is a very bitter sweet thing for me! Team Crown all the way! Hoping for at least the brass caption but a medal would be nice! Gonna be a super exciting night regardless of placement!
  2. Well, tonight was once again ingesting! First off… THE BLUECOATS ALUMNI CORPS WAS JSUT PHENOMENAL!!! I was crying the entire time, happy and sad! Seeing them to the tilt thing…. I LOST IT!!!! Was speechless! regarding everything else… BD hsve this. I know people want BAC to win.. it won’t happen y’all, I’m sorry. Tying with BC tonight was not what they needed. They could honestly end in 3rd, unless Crown brings it. If Crown meddles, I’m happy, but it won’t be easy. They definitely can take brass, snd I want them in 3rd, but BC snd BAC are also fantastic! Soooo happy for Colts and Troopers! It feels weird with no but BK but they did amazing, as well as Crossmen! Just another great night of dci! Hoping to see some upsets and changes tomorrow but at this point I’m not expecting any changes in placement.
  3. Troopers shows is just phenomenal this year! I hope them and Colts take 11th and 12th! Love Crossmen and wouldn’t mind having one Tx rep in finals but I just love Colts and Troopers so much this year!
  4. Well everyone… it seems BD is gonna do it once again! TONS OF MAJOR SHIFTS ELSEWHERE THOUGH!!! Scores are online and I’m tired lol but here’s top 15 or so 1st: BD 2nd: BAC(back in 2nd) 3rd: BC 4th:Crown(.15 off of bc, first move) 5th: SCV 6th: Cadets 7th: Blue Stars( jumped over Cavaliers) 8th: Cavaliers 9th: Phantom Regiment( Finally and we’ll deservingly jumped over mandarins) 10th: mandarins 11th: Colts(🥳🥳🥳) 12th: Troopers(🥳🥳🥳) ——————————————— 13th: Crossmen 14th: BK 15th: Madison Scouts 16th: Academy only thing I feel like the is set in stone is blue Devils in first. Crown had a shaky run today, as well as cadets hence the drops and placement, but there is plenty of time for recovery. 11th and 12th place is gonna be a heck of a battle, but I don’t feel like BK have a chance anymore Crossmen May make it but everyone just loves Troopers and Colts honestly have it in the bag unless their run is bad. Just amazing all around from everyone! BD will most likely break the record again lol
  5. Hey y’all! Today is the beginning of the end! So I just have a quick question… For semifinals, do they just announce the scores like they do for prelims and post them online, or did they have the drum majors come out to be recognized and then they announce who makes finals? I’ve never watched world-class live before or been in person so I don’t know how this works, but I see for prelims that they announce the scores as the day goes on.
  6. The obvious top 3 are the LISD schools. 4-10 seems to always be up to grabs. Recent takers have been Wylie, Sachse and Rockwall who are all on a role. Prosper has been a powerhouse for a while now and I feel deserved state last year. Additions are North Forney, who is good but I don’t think has a shot of finals, WE and Rockhill definitely do and are on a role. Allen as you said is just so big and with these additions finals is gonna be very hard. McKinney Boyd is also good and McKinney and a great season, winning a contest and 3rd at another, but I don’t think there performance here was what they wanted. PISD schools are good but it’s been downhill from their past success and seem to have hit a curve, however, Senior was amazing in 2019 and East was good last year. DISD has never really had any true powerhouses, MISS was good much like the Plano schools but have had much recent success except John Horn in 2018. Byron Nelson also had a great season last year and almost made finals, but much like McKinney didn’t have a great Area run. Heath is a wild card for me and everyone else idk about but most likely not finals bound
  7. I wouldn’t be so sure to put Wylie East in 19th…. They have beaten Sachse, Wylie, Rockwall, McKinney Boyd and Prosper Rockhill, including BOA And UIL scored contest, like the Wylie Marching Invitational, McKinney Marching Invitational, and Area Contest. They have had extremely strong years since 2018 and I doubt they will be any less strong. Will definitely be a finalist and have a great chance at state. Being someone who competed with them in 2018,2019 and 2021 and seeing there shows, they have a great chance of state if you ask me.
  8. You think Sachse over WE? I could see it happening but I think it won’t be easy. East has been over them in 2019 and 2021, wining the Little Elm comp with Sachse in 4th and 6th at WMI while Sachse was in 12th, as well as BOA San Antonio, which had Wylie East in 26th, where they actually received 10th from the Visual GE judge, and Sachse in 39th.
  9. Yeah I completely agree! Idk what happened last year with that 7th place, but they deserved to make it. 4th at BOA St Louis ahead of a state finalist and then 7th at area? At with it being a nats year, they are probably hungry for a return to state! here’s my really early list: 1st: Flowermound(yes Ik Hebron won state this comp has just seemed to be Flomos thing except 2020) 2nd: Hebron 3rd: Marcus 4th: Prosper 5th: Wylie East 6th: Sacshe 7th: Prosper Rockhill(amazing season last year) 8th-10th: McKinney/Wylie/Rockwall/McKinney Boyd I feel like McKinney could also make state after last years season. I have no clue how Allen and PESH made finals over them, but they won a contest over HP, and dominated the other area C bands at the WMI.
  10. But I really wanna know what y’all think w them doing full retreat or not Saturday night. I feel like them not will bring a lot of mad people but at this point, the health and well being of the kids is way more important, at least to me.
  11. Hey quick question y’all… so just watched the open class finals and they didn’t do a full retreat snd only DM’s like BOA last year. Do y’all think this will be the case for world finals? I’m okay with it as I care about the healthy and safety beyond a full retreat but I feel like it’s way more tradition for dci than boa/UIL. What do y’all think? also here’s the results from tonight Captions: Vanguard Cadets swept 1st: Vanguard Cadets(83.550) 2nd: Gold(81.900) 3rd: BDB(81.588) 4th: Spartans(81.025) 5th: Guardians(79.213) Go Tx 🥳 6th: Southwind(78.638) 7th: The Battalion(75.600) 8th: Legends(74.750) 9th: Louisiana Stars(74.150) 10th: River City Rhythm(73.335) 11th: 7th Regiment(70.125) 12th: Les Stentors(69.500) SCV cadets were the clear winners. Personally thought Spartans should have been 3rd but 2-4 were so tight! Gold was my favorite!!! What a season for them! So proud! Just a great night all around! Congratulations to all these amazing performers, staff, parents and everyone else who made the dreams of these kids come real!!!
  12. I honestly think Wylie East can make state pretty easily if they are as good as they were 2018 and beyond. They were miles ahead of Wylie and Sasche at BOA San Antonio last year and also seem to peak come Area! Top 3 will remains LISD and there will be a huge battle for that 5th spot.
  13. Here’s a little recap from tonight: BD and Crown are getting so close, with only a .575 difference tonight(BD with a 94.975 and crown with a 94.400). Cadets broke into the 90’s and Troopers into the 80’s, and colts did have a minor drop tonight. Cavaliers is starting to catch up as well with about a 1 point difference between the and BS tonight! I think world class finals is gonna be a lot tonight we than expected, and some unexpected things probably will happen! Great night all around!
  14. Well y’all, it looks like we probably won’t be seeing BK in finals this year unless they start to pick it up. Colts took nearly a 3 point lead over them last night. Also, looking like Phantom is starting to really come together ,as they had a 87.2 last night, which is only .038 under there score they revived in 2019 world class finals! Definitely think this amazing group can break into the 90’s!!!
  15. Seems like it stands for Texas Leadership Charter Academy
  16. Interesting things at NightBEAT tonight! Crown and bd weren’t able to perform due to weather, however, still some noticeable things in the recaps. First off, Boston actually went down from Atlanta in their score. Don’t know if the other 2 groups performing had something to do with this but if this was their score either way I think Crown would have and still can top them. Also, Clots moved up ahead of Crossmen and BK, which I feel like should have happened long ago, but very happy for that group. Will definitely be in world finals. Sad we didn’t get to see what Crown would have brought but I hope this makes them want to work harder! Also, if Colts and Crossmen keep it up, we may not see BK in finals this year, which would be crazy, but tbh, vibe really isn’t it.
  17. WOW!!! Some serious jumps in score for both Crown and Boston!!! And y’all, BD didn’t have their usual recap info if you know what I mean… A 3rd and 2nd place in GE( beaten by crown,BC and Boston), 4th in color guard(same groups ahead of them here) and crown took music brass& analysis. Here’s my thinking… BD have peaked early. And yes, the won and all, but 4th in guard…. UNHEARD OF THIS YEAR! I believe they can be beaten!!! oh yeah… Boston less than a 10th of a point from 1st. They can do this!!!!!
  18. DCI McKinney was amazing!!! Crown was definitely the crowd favorite, but everyone was on fire!!!! Really loved Phantom… that music is just incredible!!! First live contest and definitely not my last!
  19. Took a glance at the 2 recaps… surprisingly Crown had the higher percussion score but everything else looks pretty right compared to San Antonio
  20. Well Boston has significantly increased their gap between crown with a 91.8 Vs. Crowns 90.55. While I’m a Crown fan myself I’m extremely happy that Boston is having such a successful season!!!
  21. There are a ton by this one guy on the Tube. here’s 1, click his page and there are a ton, also a tonnn of other HS band shows!
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