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  1. No I definitely agree! Their standstill performance seemed unreal for this early in the season! I’m beyond excited to get to see them, crown and SCV go head to head and McKinney!
  2. Okay just gonna be honest wasnt a huge fan of the BD show. Concept is kinda hard to follow but I’ve seen here and heard their shows take time to come together. Probably won tonight due to having most of their show or all of it out but still like SCV more rn
  3. Okay thanks for letting me know I’m completely new to DCI comps. I’ve seen ton of shows on YouTube before and know about how placements and all that works and whose god tier, good and okay but last night was my first time watching a contest and while some scores I understand, I think being a big BOA nerd, that score seemed low but I’m excited to see how tonight shapes out. And I do understand there’s a big difference between high school bands and dci and the scoring is different.
  4. Okay all I have to say about SCV is… WOW OH WOW!!!! They are already on fire!!!!! This show could honestly live up to Baybalon(hope I spelt that right lol)!!! I do wish the first big hit was a little longer but my gosh do they want to win!!!!! Academy and mandarins we’re also amazing!
  5. There show is called Finding Nirvana but that’s about all I know. I’ve got flo and planning on watching them tonight, so I’ll let you know how it goes!
  6. Dang this is sad 😞 Was there a certain reason? Ik it’s not cheap but i was really looking forward to seeing them go.
  7. I would love to help! The email that will be requesting acces is Joey.a.farkas@gmail.com Lets do this!
  8. Of yeah, forgot Vandy has only a 4A title. Kinda crazy they haven’t won 6A yet, would love if they took the title as well! I just love seeing fresh faces take the gold! Seeing it in 2018 with Vista, 2020 with CTJ and 21 with Hebron! It just brings so much emotion to the crowd and honestly the student! We saw how raw emotion those Hebron kids had and all those tears after so long being crowned the champion, and they were so humble about it
  9. I’m gonna go ahead and predict for 6A, we see another new state champion, my top 2 choices being Ceder Ridge or Keller, and they will bring something to the field that will blow everyone away!
  10. There have been 2 shows in recent years that have really touched my heart! first off is Avons 2019 show, Unbroqen(May have spelt that wrong)! As a musician myself, I feel like this show really was a great interpretation of all of music. I play tuba and band but also play piano, and so with that, I became even more connected to the show. They performed it so well, and the vocalist in that show just made it 1000 times more powerful! the other is Vista Ridges lost and found…… this show omg! There isn’t been a single time I have been able to make it threw this show without crying. One, it was a show that won them their first 6A state finals, and I know nobody in 2017 would have thought they’d be state champions, but they were. But the main reason is that this show is something everyone can connect to. We all have moments in our life’s where we feel lost. Maybe we’re going through a tough time, a family member or friend was lost, or something bad is going on. But then we recover, and most of the times, we become stronger because of your struggle. That is what this show means to me, and they performed it at such a high level! That show will probably be my favorite show for many years to come, because it tells the story of the every day human! Thank you vista for that!!!! :)
  11. OMG LETS GO!!!!! They are going to do amazing, and if they build of last year, I could see them in finals for sure!
  12. Looks super cool! Extremely excited!!! Was a huge fan of last years show!!!!
  13. The Lovejoy band is proud to present: The Tree Of Life It will be a beautiful nature show, with all original music(arranged by the Jeremy Spicer)! The drill and choreographer writer are all famous people who have worked with dci/boa bands(vandy,CP, Crown,SCV) and many other people! This is a step in a new direction for the program, and will sound amazing! The drill is also going to be turned up a notch in terms of demand, but the music is a small step back in difficulty. But there are tons of beautiful solos, and rich ensemble moments with big chords, and plenty of section show offs! This show is looking to be amazing!
  14. Hey, so can someone here explain how “regular” dci contest work. I’m going to the on in McKinney as I’m in the Allen area, and this will be my first one ever! Is it like boa contest, with everyone in prelims and some in finals, are there prelims and finals? I only know how the open/world class event works snd want to get educated before going! Thanks!!! Y’all are the best
  15. Yes it’s hard with Argyle because this is their first BOA year, however with that being true and them joining the 5A powerhouses, both in UIL and BOA, there’s a pretty big difference between 4A and 5A, no matter who good you are, but they are Argyle, but I think right now, I have Lovejoy winning 2A, and visual/GE, and argyle winning Visual, and both in finals. and it looks like the 6A schools that have been said to come or Johnson, Rockhill, Waxahachie and KC so new prediction: Leander CP Rouse Henny Mcallum Aledo CH BC Lovejoy Argyle Georgetown Richland
  16. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our 3 medalist for this event(the 3LISD schools:) Jk who knows what will happen! Here’s my early prediction 1st Leander 2nd CP 3rd Rouse 4th MG Johnson 5th Waxahachie 6th Henny 7th Mcallum 8th Aledo 9th CH 10th Lovejoy 11th BC 12th Argyle/LASA/ Hays/Georgetown
  17. These shows all look amazing!!! I’m super excited for all of these interesting themes!!!!
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