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  1. Definitely a possibility! They’d have to beat the likes of either MG Johnson or Dripping springs, but i definitely could see it happening and would love for them too!
  2. I wouldn’t count out Lonestar! They’ve only been getting better these past few years, and definitely seem to be really doing well in boa recently! I don’t know about Aledo being so high seeing how they did last year at boa, but otherwise a solid list!
  3. They do the draw before and if a band doesn’t advance they take them out when the make the official schedule with times and all that
  4. I know they are a solid program, but lack the strength, depth and consistency to do well and improve over the years. They also sound good but unfortunately in the state of Texas you constantly have to sound great to have lots of success, which seems to be something they lack, but they are a solid program none the less, and placed pretty well at Area last year.
  5. I’ve seen Walnut grove and while they are good, definitely not top 4 good. And Lonestar will definitely be 2nd unless Lakeridge or LT pulls something really good, at least top 4, but I like your boldness
  6. As a former 5A area B participant, here's my super early predictions, will do other area's when we get closer to the area comps: 1st. Wakeland 2nd. Lonestar 3rd. Mckinney North 4th: Lebanon Trial 5th: Argyle 6th: Lovejoy 7th: Independence 8th: The Colony 9th: Melissa 10th: Walnut Grove
  7. Here’s the woodlands performance from tonight! Guessing the uniforms are temporary, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music! Some much different styles and textures, and they also look incredible! Have absolutely no idea what they show is about but I’m in love!
  8. That’s great! I knew something must have been off at area for them to get 4th! Really excited to see them at boa Proper! I think they could surprise some people at nats
  9. Ik! I was rally hoping we’d get to see all 3 Keller schools that made finals at state. Happens all the time to the best, but hopefully they make it this year!
  10. Thier show is the one i'm looking forward to seeing the most this year! Ill be at boa prosper and am super excited to see what they are bringing to the field this season!
  11. That's great to hear! I loved yall's show from last year so I'm excited to see how yall do here against some notably good 6A programs!
  12. Early Predictions: 1st: Argyle (music/visual/percussion) 2nd: Frisco Liberty (guard) 3rd: Melissa 4th: Royse City 5th: Celina 6th: Memorial 7th: South Grand Prairie 8th: Anna 9th: Canton 10th: Sulpher Springs 11th: Emerson 12th: Lake Dallas/ North Lamar
  13. Early Predictions: 1st: Wylie (music/guard) 2nd: Wylie East (Visual) 3rd: Argyle (Percussion) 4th: Highland Park 5th: Lewisville 6th: Plano East 7th: Melissa 8th: Plano Senior 9th: Walnut Grove 10th: Plano West/Heritage 4A: 1st Anna (all captions) 5A: 1st: Argyle (Music/visual/percussion) 2nd: Melissa (guard) 3rd: Walnut Grove 6A: 1st: Wylie (music/guard/percussion) 2nd: Wylie East (visual) 3rd: Highland Park
  14. I think right now the band to beat is Coppell! Last year both Waxahachie and Timber Creek finished ahead of Keller in finals, but I do agree with what you’re trying to say. Unfortunately it seems that beating them here doesn’t mean anything come state, but regardless of you can beat Keller it’s definitely a good sign
  15. Idk if I’d say that. I’ve seen their ht show and maybe it’s not as many as usual, but they are still huge in numbers. They do however look snd sound pretty good, very excited to see them here! Anytime by chance have the schedule for this comp?
  16. They were 3rd in prelims, but dropped to 9th in finals
  17. I don’t see Cedar Ridge going from 3rd to not making finals, but it’s definitely possible for SLC to make it. I know they did really well at Nats, but I wouldn’t use that as a reason to put them in finals or even get out of Area B for that matter. UIL and BOA are completely different, and their show imo seems more boa oriented than UIL. I’d love for them to do well, but we definitely need to see how they do before determining how well they could do. But do love you having high hopes for them, I think they could surprise a lot of people this year!
  18. Wow, this is a very strong Lineup considering how many comps are on this day, especially in North Texas. Will Rockhill be able to defend their title from fellow Prosper ISD school Prosper, or will we see a new Victor, perhaps Highland park or Lake Highlands? Here’s my predictions: 1st: Prosper 2nd: Rock Hill 3rd: Lake Highlands 4th: Highland Park 5th: Frisco Independence 6th: The Colony 7th: Plano Senior 8th: Frisco Centennial 9th: Plano West 10th: Frisco Heritage
  19. Mustang is no longer coming here. However, other than that it's a pretty solid list. I don't see Timber Creek out of the top 6 personally, nor Hendrickson probably in the top 6, but at this point we won't know anything until the first few weeks of competition so anything is possible as of now! They are bold and I like it
  20. It looks like they have a solid staff, but the students, especially the leadership team is going to have to step up and really push everyone to do their best. They were on a real rise, but Covid seemed to have really hit them bad. I think they may need a couple more years of rebuilding before they start to be a strong as they were pre-Covid
  21. This is the TMC form which in on the 14th lol, but I got it, ty
  22. I think my top 3 are BA 2014, Hebron 22 and Marcus 21! Adagio from Spartacus is one of my favorite orchestral pieces, and I think they have done it the best for a marching band, and I wish I’d gotten to them live. I did get to see Marcus and Hebron live these years. Hebron has a mainly bc of the Trombone solo, but it’s just such a powerful ballad. Marcus’s ballad put me to tears after seeing them at gn finals in 21. Those 2 mellophones were just out of this world, and it really pulls at you feels.
  23. it's definitely possible, but it won't be easy. Here's my early thoughts for this comp, no specific placements except for 1st 1st: CTJ (caption sweep) 2nd/3rd: M.G. Johnson, Dripping Springs 4th-10th: Lake Ridge, James Martin, Braswell, Rock Hill, Clear Brook Wylie, Azle Last 2 spots: Mckinney, New Barnfuls, Cypress Falls, Winston Churchill, Harker Heights
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