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  1. Yeah have to agree with you!!! Boston is just getting better and better and some seriously has medalist potential!!! Also feel the same about Blues music, it’s cool snd sounds good… but it’s not really difficult, and while they’re show visually is clean and hard, the music side… not so much. Big thing for crown is their percussion. Idk why it keeps getting ranked around 5th? Like it sound clean but I need someone who’s an expert to explain what they think. But anyways great comp all around!
  2. Bro that’s crazy, but not surprising at all!!!
  3. So happy for these kids!!! First State, breaking the 2nd place curse and now winning honor band… idk what these kids haven’t accomplished!!! They are going to big places, and it’s only going up from here! Hoping next time the go to nats they bring home the Eagle!!!
  4. Well do keep in mind… it’s better than 1… 2018 prosper was the only school to attend nats and there’s still plenty of time for oos schools to register for San Antonio!
  5. No they were amazing!!! Kinda thought they’d be third but we haven’t seen them against BC yet I personally thought they had the better run and can see them getting a medal still this year!
  6. Broken Arrow results: 1st:Blue Devils(89.20) 2nd:Carolin Crown(87.50) 3rd:Bluecoats(87.175) 4th: Boston Crusader(86.800) 5th: SCV(85.750) 6th: Blue Stars(82.60) 7th:Cavaliers(80.60) 8th: Blue Knights(77.750) I still firmly believe that if Crown had gone later they would have won. Kind of confused by the recaps especially in GE but I have a feeling San Antonio may be a completely different story but some groups made some serious jumps tonight, going to be a fantastic season regardless of placements! also Crown had some more changes so the fact they went so early and got second it’s pretty impressive!!!
  7. Well, for those who saw it either live or on flo… thoughts? I still think crown will take it or be second. To me there’s to big things that stand out between them and BD. 1. I think crowns show overall is much more challenging, at least musically. Visually I’d say BD but not by much, like barley. 2nd. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a good amount of moments in the BD show where it seems like they are about to be leading up to something big, and then it just isn’t. Take the beginning for example. They have this super cool opener that keeps building and building… and then we have a slow more beautiful euphonium(I think) solo. Like crowns show just has a lot more satisfying and fulfilling moments then BD, snd I think these 2 key differences will bring them a very small lead over BD. Also crowns brass just brought it 100% tonight!!! Guard was also so much cleaner! I think they got this one, but we’ll see soon!
  8. Well y’all, it’s about that time!!! Hopefully the heat doesn’t kill any group significantly, and I’m guessing it won’t since the heat has been fairly consistent around the country( I think)! Gonna be an exciting night!!!
  9. Good morning everyone!!! Today Is Broken Arrow!!! It’s gonna be heck of a contest, and am gonna place my predictions, but want to see what y’all have in mind for placement! It’s gonna be amazing!!! 1st-Carolina Crown 2nd- BD 3rd- Boston(yes I know there’s BC but these guys are on fire and I believe they can do it!!!!!) 4th- Bluecoats 5th-SCV 6th-Bluestars 7th- Cavaliers 8th- Blue knights I truly believe crown has the power to win!!! Their brass in unbelievable as always and it’s all starting to come together so nice!!! Only thing is that performance time is kinda ruff but if anyone can do it it’s them!!! And if it’s 2nd and BD in first I’m okay with that bc at San Antonio, the 2 are the last to perform so that will give us a better perspective seeing them back-to-back!
  10. Well everyone, Crown takes the lead!!!! It’s barely, but I think Broken Arrow is gonna tell a lot for the future! Vanguards show just doesn’t seem to be it? I like it, but maybe I’m not feeling what the judges are. But anyways, Crown did a good amount of reworks to their show and I Love it now! And the big ballad hit… Y’all they can do this, and I know they want to!!!!
  11. Oh okay thank goodness I was at a friends house and checking in and saw them but thankful it wasn’t Covid! Thanks for letting me know
  12. Anyone know what the BCs are doing a standstill tonight? Guessing Covid, heard there’s a new variant going around but hopefully it doesn’t cause to much damage.
  13. After watching BD and SCV tonight, I feel like if crown was there they would have one. I think BD has a stronger visual package but crowns brass is imo miles ahead, and I think they also have the better guard and GE. Both bd and crown have their moments, but to me, crowns are more impactful, and I think it will carry them this season, and honestly, once they clean up their visual, they will be much stronger overall. SCV still has the percussion though. On fire as always, but Bostons also seems to be on fire this year as well!
  14. So happy with how Crown is doing!!! I have a feeling that this year at World Finals, the scores in the top 5 or so are gonna be closer than ever before, and some very unexpected things people thought would never happen will! This season is going to be amazing!
  15. Well BD takes the lead 82.500 and Vanguard is now at at 79.950 which kind of surprises me but I know they will get into the 80s their next comp!
  16. CrownBEAT results: 5th-Music City: 68.350 4th- Crossmen 73.2 3rd- Cadets 76.9 2nd- Boston: 80.850 1st- Carolina Crown: 81.850 Don’t forget Boston! Didn’t know BD competed tonight
  17. CrownBEAT was amazing!!!!! CROWN IS ON FIRE!!!!! Still not a huge fan of the audience engagement parts but boy do the sound unreal right now!!! And omg cadets and Boston we amazing as well!!!! Crossmen too!!! Everyone brought it to this comp!!!
  18. Also just learned Covid is running rampant in Phantom rn, so much they’re having to do a standstill tonight , so keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!! Hoping for fast recovery ❤️❤️
  19. Well, Crown managed to beat Bluecoats tonight! It was extremely close, but they did improve their score to a 74.4, and their main “struggle” against Bluecoats was in visual, but it’s only uphill from here. Hopefully they come on top of BD’s score but we will see.
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