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  1. Wait what about the cadets? Are they not competing this year? Feels like a small list this year but makes sense since it’s first year back to a competitive season
  2. CROWN CROWN CROWN!!!! I’m in tears right now! That was just phenomenal! I may be the only one, but I can see this wining maybe top 3! It will be CLEAN come August!
  3. Holy crap Bluestars!!! That was just amazing!!! I missed most of this the other day and I’m soooo excited to see this live soon!!! This show is just incredible! Also, I may be wrong, but I am a bit listen to classical music, and had a movie music phase, and it was mostly Star Wars. So bc of this, I easily recognize the music, and I’m pretty sure their ballad is from Rogue One! May be wrong but I’m gonna try and find the song and will link it.
  4. The Crossmen were just amazing! Love the direction this core is going!!! PHANTOM MY GOODNESS!!! Much better performance than the last! This show is already getting better super pumped from crown 👑
  5. COLTS…. WOW!!!! That was phenomenal! Such amazing sounds, could definitely seem them in world finals if they keep it up! Just love this show design, and can’t wait to see live!
  6. Yeah I did forget about the soloist that was pretty noticeable and they were first which I’m not saying has a huge impact but it’s not nothing but I’m not worried at all just a little confused but they will be amazing come August!
  7. Okay so somehow phantom got last here in brass??? Thought it was definitely top 3, also last in visual proficiency? Just don’t think our views are 100% with the judges ig but I thought they were way better than that
  8. Because why not First-last left to right For tonight: Bluecoats,Phantom,Boston,Blue stars,Calviries,Crossmen Overall: Bluecoats,Crown,Phantom,Boston,BD, SCV, Calviries, Crossmen-everyone else
  9. BLUECOATS HOLY CRAP!!! Are we sure it’s June???? Honestly don’t see this not wining! Beautiful fantastic music, strong visual package and the GE is OUT OF THE ROOF!!!! Honestly, I think them, Boston, Crown, and Phantom are ahead SCV snd BD significant amount. I think Blue Devils show is just not up to the level of these others shows! I may be wrong but I don’t think an anniversary themed show was for this year, rather last.
  10. I definitely could see Crown winning! I personally think they are a good amount ahead of BD rn. I personally think BDs show is just confusing and not super effective. Honestly like Phantom snd SCV more than BD rn, but cant wait for tonight to see how Bluecoats turn out!
  11. Okay I’ve done some more research to future support my case I’m bored lol! And I know that we fully rely on past contest, but Ik 2019, Argyle competed at the HEB marching contest. Now I know this is pretty early season, but they were beat by many 5A bands that Lovejoy was way over that year(Reedy,The Colony). And another example from last year that was a week I believe before 5A area week was the birdville marching contest. They competed against many 5A programs from Area F and 6A from area C. Some programs like Burleson, who didn’t make finals and Brewer, 9th at area F finals placed ahead of Argyle. Now i know this contest doesn’t use BOA scoring, but even at HEB where they do use it, they struggled it seemed. You can even look at the raw score of the bands who beet Argyle compares to Lovejoys at area finals, and you will see Lovejoys numbers are pretty significantly higher. And they literally competed with them in 2018 snd the Golden Triangle contest and won. Now last year was rough for Lovejoy, and obviously I did go there which plays an impact. But I honestly believe they can take 2A snd possibly make finals here. Good night, I have closed my case.
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