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  1. Yeah I personally think LT in 5th but to early plus I’m bias
  2. What about Lovejoy? They’ve beaten LT and Wylie East, and the new judging system looks like it could favor them over LT, who got 8th at McKinney with this new judging system yesterday.
  3. I personally think Wakeland, with Lonestar not for behind, then Lovejoy and either LT or Wylie East
  4. Do y’all think all the bands out of area B area gonna make finals again? Also is it 10 or 12(I really hope it’s 12 maybe even more)
  5. I was told from my director that Area scoring is having some changes as well, but it may just be what the judges are looking for.
  6. Are these the new scoring sheets that will be used for Area and State?
  7. Forney was fantastic! THEY HAVE SOMEONE MARCHING IN A WHEEL CHAIR!!! That man is a true legend! They sound and look amazing! Definitely have high potential for state finals!
  8. Lone Star was amazing! The drill is so crazy, especially the big hit with the player coming across it straight lines. Music was good, although I personally thought prelims was a tad bit better, but still an amazing run! Will be seeing them at state for sure!
  9. Aledos show was so much fun! Big improvement from prelims! The music is amazing, and not surprised they took visual in prelims at all! Amazing all around!
  10. 1st block- Hebron….just wow!!! Their music skills are unlike any other! Trinity also had an amazing performance, definitely a potential finalst! Everyone sounds so good this morning!
  11. At Pennington field with my friend to watch this amazing contest! Will try and update for each band! Good luck to all today!!!
  12. True! I think if it’s 3 Poteet will take it. There historically good and they did have a season last year I’m pretty sure.
  13. Prospers in area C this year? If so then yeah easy path to state-anyone have a vid of their show?
  14. 1-HP 2-Forney(could possibly win?) 3-Poteet 4-North Forney 5- Pine tree or Red Oak
  15. 1/2-Wylie and Duncanville 3-Highland Park 4-Plano Senior 5-Summit 6-Lebanon Trail 7-Wylie East 8-Collyville Heritage 9- Richland 10- Rockwall
  16. Yeah seeing it person was scary, and apparently it’s happened before during their rehearsals, so hopefully they solve the problem before Saturday
  17. Good morning! So me and my friend will be attend this contest, and it is our first BOA contest to go to? Any tips and advice. Obviously staying hydrated and eat amazing food, sunscreen and all that. Anything else?
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