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Leander ISD Festival of Bands 10/2/2023 (videos of all bands)

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6 hours ago, MikeKyu said:

This is pretty awesome. I now have a Karen trying to bully me with veiled threats for my documentation of this event...LOL....I have been around YouTube since 2010. I have created channels that have exceeded over 7 million subscribers. Enjoy the ride


I commented on their comment so hopefully they better understand that what you’re doing is fine, especially if the band directors of these schools haven’t said anything to you which obviously we know they haven’t. I think as a former hs band marcher her comment is understandable, but no what your doing is completely okay, it’s like what @natertater21000 said, the directors aren’t looking for videos of the competition, and even if they are, they aren’t the judges of the comps, the judges are lol 

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