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  1. District 6-6A: Flower Mound State Silver Medalist Hebron 4th at state Marcus 10th at state Coppell 15th in state prelims Lewisville 10th in Area C Finals Irving Nimitz 21st Area B Prelims Irving 28th Area B Prelims Irving Mac N/A
  2. FloMo +1 CTJ -1 Avon 4 Bowie 3 Cedar Park 7 Cedar Ridge 7 CT Johnson 8 Flower Mound 12 Hebron 12 Hendrickson 10 Keller 9 Leander 11 Marcus 9 Ronald Reagan 9 The Woodlands 12 Vandegrift 9 Vista Ridge 5
  3. GAH! NEVER! The Death Star is where sound goes to die.
  4. I feel like I let down my team. I didn't post the 6-6A recap after the last game of the season and the Jags were defeated in the first round of the playoffs. Edit: On a somewhat unrelated note, the FMHS Volleyball team won the State Volleyball Championship!
  5. Great stuff Dan. Thoughts for off-season: - possible interviews/conversations with Directors, Show Designers, or other people in the Marching Arts - thoughts on where coverage goes from here. I'd like to see a streaming service (or dare I say cable channel) with a knowledged commenter/analyst to discuss what was just performed. Could you imagine "Hello Friends, you are looking LIVE at the BOA Super Regional in San Antonio, Texas..." - tips, tricks, and inspirations
  6. I can only speak from my experience as a FMHS Parent, I do not know how it is at other schools. The Flower Mound Jaguar Band is all the kids in band (colorguard, winds, percussion, props, techs). They all perform at football games, pep rallies, and other band activities. The Flower Mound Competition band is the sub-set of the Jaguar Band who are performing the competition show. The students who are not in the competition band are there by tryout, by grades, or by choice (there have been several All-State musicians who did not want to participate in the competition show and were happy to be a member of the Jag band). The Jag band does have marching practice, they have a full drumline and their own techs and drum major. Many times a student will "move up" from the Jag Band to the competition band during the year (added as an additional prop or player) due to grades, injuries, or whatever. I know this is the case as during my son's freshman year he started out as a member of the Jag band, moved up to the Competition band to help with props, then due to an injury was actually playing during Area, BOA San Antonio, State, and Nats. I have seen having the Jag Band as a benefit because it gives options and it provides new members a way to learn that isn't as demanding and stressful as the competition band. As for musically, Concert season is almost as competitive as marching season. Students want to be in the Wind Symphony (top concert band), they want to make Area and State. I believe that desire to be a strong musician playing challenging music during concert season gets them ready to learn and play challenging music during marching season. When you look at the number of students in the All State bands who come from Hebron, Marcus, and Flower Mound it shows in the quality of music over all from our district.
  7. Here is the UIL actual judges sheet: http://www.uiltexas.org/files/music/Area:State_CS.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2HBRyGA_6dJzWPsj2iBcgnfsC44hdPd1UO1FE82KNMV-_UyF17JmGsV7U
  8. 2018 UIL 6A State Marching Championship Results: 1st - Vista Ridge 2nd - Flower Mound 3rd - Vandergrift 4th - Hebron 5th - Leander 6th - Ronald Reagan 7th - Claudia Taylor Johnson 8th - Keller 9th - The Woodlands 10th - Marcus 11th - Cedar Ridge 12th - Waxahachie
  9. Continuing about the drop high/low... It would be easy if all the judges were judging the same thing. They are not Each judge is looking at something specific. Trying to attach the UIL judging sheet (it is blank) http://www.uiltexas.org/files/music/Area:State_CS.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2l69h1kyTW9aZjdAQjfme-tLqS7QCSN3xfzAA8ufB3fhNPKmqCIvYiB6M
  10. I wouldn't call them a "new" band, but there seems to be a bit of a rebirth in the Lewisville HS band. They reached Area Finals for the first time in as far as I can remember. I know it is a struggle some times for them, but I really hope they continue moving forward
  11. @LeanderMomma I was just informed that Mrs. Drinkwater, the current Lewisville Director of Fine Arts, former FM Marcus Band Director, got her start in Leander. If that is correct, that is a neat connection.
  12. That part of the show they are "morphing" into an "old-style military marching band" One of the "signature" things from the FloMo band is the "removal" of the mid-filed logo by placing a green tarp with field markings over the logo. What they are doing here is bringing the football stadium back for the band to counter-march in. Once the old logo and posts are moved, they return to the fast marching style we see today.
  13. Isn't the Oklahoma state marching championship usually the same weekend as BOA - SA?
  14. This used to be the premier drumline contest. Sad to see only two marching lines, and both of them are just exhibition.
  15. Until they are not in it, you can't leave Marcus out of finals.
  16. Prelims Panel 2 1) Flower Mound 95.150 2) Claudia Taylor Johnson 94.125 3) Vandegrift 94.100 4) Vista Ridge 92.550 5) Marcus 90.875 6) The Woodlands 90.450 7) James Bowie 89.90 8) Prosper 89.400 9) Coppell 88.800 10) Haltom 88.175 11) Oak Ridge 87.450 12) Winston Churchill 87.100 13) Seven Lakes 86.450 14) Pearland 86.300 15) John P. Alexander 84.550
  17. This exactly! Every year it is really anyone's guess who will come out on top. There are so many amazing bands in this state. Just making finals is an accomplishment. Congrats to all the bands. Best of luck to those marching at State this week
  18. Prelim Recap: https://www.musicforall.org/images/2018/Fall/San_Antonio/2018_Prelims_SAN_ANTONIO_Recap.pdf Finals recap: https://www.musicforall.org/images/2018/Fall/San_Antonio/2018_Finals_SAN_ANTONIO_Recap.pdf
  19. 14th - 88.40 - LD Bell 13th - 89.25 - Westlake 12th - 89.425 - Robert E Hendrickson 11th - 90.25 - Marcus 10th - 90.40 - Cedar Ridge 9th - 91.575 - Keller 8th - 91.85 - The Woodlands 7th - 94.35 - Vandegrift 6th - 94.375 - Leander 5th - 94.725 - Claudia Taylor Johnson 4th - 95.575 - Vista Ridge 3rd - 96.05 - Hebron 2nd - 96.40 - Ronald Reagan 2018 Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional Champion - 96.60 - Flower Mound Outstanding Music Performance: Hebron Outstanding Visual Performance: Ronald Reagan Outstanding General Effect: Flower Moun
  20. wow: 213 user(s) are reading this topic65 members, 144 guests, 4 anonymous users
  21. my prediction: Take all of the finalists names and pull them out of a hat. Any one could win
  22. LOL no. The band "morphs" into an old-style military marching band performing at halftime. Since the logo is covered, they had to bring a logo back out to get there.
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