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  1. Sorry to bring back an old topic, but I noticed that all of you parents were primarily discussing college marching band. Have any of you had experience with concert band in college? I don’t plan on majoring in music but I would like to continue playing my instrument in college in a concert band setting, how is that?
  2. So that's 3 Leander ISD schools that are going to midwest this year?
  3. Does anybody know when they will release who is going to perform? I know some of the Texas bands' ensembles submitted.
  4. I didn't know where to put this so I figured maybe this topic, but what do y'all think about bands that mic up their band to make them seem louder? Also, I sincerely apologize to all the bands and txbands members I might've offended with my first post on this topic, I did not mean to offend anyone and I wish all the best for all of the bands mentioned and will be much more aware of the effect my words could have in the future. I edited my first post so it's written in a much more positive way.
  5. As my high school years are slowly coming closer to an end and college is nearing, I was wondering, what majors did y'all study? I notice a good number of parents on here and so I'm curious, did anyone major in music? Also, were any of y'all in college band? If so, how was it and how does it differ from high school?
  6. I think it's partly due to the rotating storms in the gulf, but the Austin area has become quite humid the past couple of days and bringing lots of sweat everywhere.
  7. Lost and Found +1 Sculpt -2 On The Waterfront 33 Leonardo’s Dream 33 Sculpt 4 Polarity 23 Lost and Found 10
  8. An old thread, but do y'all prefer bands that change their uniform every year or bands that keep the same uniform every year?
  9. WOw, it's actually gonna stay in the mid-range 90's all this week in Austin, is the blistering hot summer finally over?
  10. Lost and Found +1 The 4th Dimension -1 The 4th Dimension 8 On the Waterfront 70 Leonardo's Dream 70 Sculpt 56 Polarity 57 Lost and Found 57
  11. I also really liked the jazz sax solo from Flower Mound during their 2018-2018 show, Fractured Moments.
  12. Polarity + The Tremendous Sea of Love - Eliminated The 4th Dimension 20 On the Waterfront 62 Leonardo's Dream 64 Sculpt 55 Polarity 45 Lost and Found 44 Loop 26
  13. Polarity + Loop - The 4th Dimension 20 On the Waterfront 61 Leonardo's Dream 61 Sculpt 53 Polarity 44 The Tremendous Sea of Love 6 Lost and Found 40 Loop 31
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