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  1. I have been wanting to ask about your condition for a while, I just felt like it wasn't my place, so of course I would love to learn about it. Chess is fun, and though I am also not very good at it, I have definitely found myself watching chess matches a few times when going down rabbit holes on YT. When I had my medical scare last month (still working through it) and didn't leave my bed for two weeks I found myself binge watching lawn care videos to fill my time. I am sorry about the lawyer thing by the way, I hope that issue is or can get resolved swiftly. You already have too much on your plate to deal with as it stands. I bet your wife is a champ, you certainly found the right person to be your wife it seems! Arizona is a beautiful state. Much better in the late fall/winter. The heat must be tough on you though texas isn't faring much better right now as it is.
  2. Interesting scores over the last week, and even though you can't really compare scores across shows well I think it is interesting how Blue Stars and Mandarins are really starting to come on strong. I can't wait to see all of these guys go head to hear this season. Finals is going to be so much fun after so long away. I am already electrified by it. Wish I could be there in person this season.
  3. I am super glad that you are still making progress in your recovery, even if slowly. Hope that you soon get to come to a show again. I know that would probably do wonders to your morale. In the meantime as you recover what do you do to keep yourself entertained/sane? You are a treasure of this site. I think about you a lot. Definitely going to keep checking up on you.
  4. Just got done watching the Tourney of Roses standstill performance they did in ponchos...good lord bass trombone. I could hear you in the State Finals performance video and you just sound even more meaty up close.
  5. You know, this is random, however I really love when people make these threads literally as soon as the previous season comes to and end. It warms my heart. Love the enthusiasm. This season is going to be fun to watch, first full competitive season removed from *the event*. A lot of director shakeups at a lot of top programs in the last few years. Interesting how a full season works out for a lot of these schools experiencing a lot of change right now. Go #TeamTexas!
  6. I have an odd feeling that there is a Brass instructor who is going to probably have a lot more time on his hands to work with a certain corps during the summer relatively soon (unless he decides to leave the industry in the entirety which could happen) and if he does I see him starting to become a big time mainstay for the program and soon they'll be competing for Ott's right alongside Harloff and Crown year to year.I think he is cementing himself as one of THE best brass instructors in the country, bar only Harloff. But it depends on if he is losing his love for the activity itself, or his love for teaching where he is during the year. From what I have seen on recent posts with social media and what I know about him personally, I think it is only the latter.I am being intentionally vague because I don't know for a fact if this guy is leaving his program right now, but it is pretty obvious he is very close to it. One of the premier programs in the country, and unfortunately I think they are about to lose their shining star. Has nothing to do with the students or anything he did, thankfully.
  7. Will your health allow you to go to any shows yet? DCI southwest etc, or do you still have to play it safe and stay away for a while?
  8. Very intrigued to see how this week of cleaning works out for Crown. Can't wait to see how CrownBEAT goes, especially since they will be competing against Boston for the first time this season.
  9. I am glad that you can still have a good quality of life and are at the very least much better than where you were. No problem by the way. just very glad to know you are doing okay. Thank you very much and college is going as college goes...long. Lol.
  10. We love reviving incredibly old threads accidentally when lurking through historical posts lol. I've almost done it a few times myself haha.
  11. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were holding up, and if any positive changes have come your way yet. How are you doing?
  12. I just saw crown....my oh my are they on fire. There is a clip of them online, not hard to find and not on the tube. They are TOTALLY doing chandelier justice. Can't wait to see how this changes and is cleaned up as the season goes on. Excited for all of the others as well.
  13. I am glad that you have been able to continue to work through this and are doing okay for the moment. How is the recovery from that second surgery going?
  14. Ah I remember him! I attended a school in NISD for middle school, he does really great with the district fine arts wise. There are some great directors in that district, some of those schools' programs are starting to grow really rapidly now, much of the district has stepped it up music wise over the last five years or so. For the longest time it was basically O'connor and Taft leading the district pretty far ahead of the pack. Now Brandeis, Warren, Clark and Brennan are really starting to come on strong, especially the first two. Happy to see the direction some of these programs are going in, hope to see them keep it up.
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