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  1. So here's what we know as of now: 4 Texas Bands Confirmed/Rumored: Ronald Reagan H.S., TX Vista Ridge H.S., TX Cedar Park H.S., TX Pearland H.S., TX (Rumored/Less likely of the 4 to attend) Usual Participants: Avon H.S., IN Carmel H.S., IN Marian Catholic H.S., IL Homestead H.S., IN William Mason H.S., OH Lawrence Township H.S., IN Center Grove H.S., IN Ben Davis H.S., IN Centerville H.S., OH (Also attending 2020 Macy's Parade but I can't see them skipping) Bands likely returning after a hiatus: Broken Arrow H.S., OK (Also doing the 2021 Rose Parade, but I can't see them skipping Nats 2 years in a row) Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN Castle H.S., IN O'Fallon Township H.S., IL Owasso H.S., OK Bands On Rotation Years: Blue Springs H.S., MO (Every Other Year) Jenks H.S., OK (Every Other Year) Mustang H.S., OK (Every Other Year) Tarpon Springs H.S., FL (Every Other Year) Wando H.S., SC (Every Other Year, but their status for 2020 is iffy with an upcoming school split) Bellevue West H.S., NE (Every Four Years) Bands Rumored To Be Attending Rosemount H.S., MN (Very Likely) Vista Murrieta H.S., CA (Not sure how likely this is though) Bands Likely NOT attending: Union H.S., OK (2020 Macy's Parade) Lincoln-Way Community H.S., IL (2020 Macy's Parade) Brownsburg H.S., IN (2020 Macy's Parade)
  2. On Monday, the Music For All forums will be shut down. The official statement from DaveAdmin: "In keeping with our mission and goals to best serve students, parents, teachers, and supporters, the forums will be closed and deactivated as of 12 noon Monday, March 4, 2019. We are announcing the closing of the forums in advance in order to give our users the opportunity to connect with each other in the remaining time. The forums were created as a place for fans to connect, at a time before there were places to connect online like social media, etc. Since its beginnings, we have appreciated our forum users and your passion and enthusiasm for Bands of America, Music for All, and the hundreds of thousands of student performers at our events. Friendships have been formed via the forums that continue to this day, both online and in “real life.” Thank you for being part of our community and we hope you’ll continue to connect with us through our other online channels. The forums have far outlived their expected lifespan and intention. With our ever-growing programs and online presence, Music for All is no longer able to maintain and monitor the forums to our standards. Music for All will focus on maintaining the social media connect points that are most active today and consider ways to improve that experience on those channels."
  3. Unfortunately, it looks like Westwood will not be attending St. Louis as their current calendar has them listed for UIL Region that weekend. They will be competing at Austin, Katy, and San Antonio.
  4. They'll make finals. I am curious to see how they'll do in Class AAA though. I bet they'll medal but I'm not sure how they'll fare against Rosemount (MN) or Bixby (OK).
  5. Owasso H.S., OK will be attending the Dallas/ Fort Worth Regional.
  6. Keller Central will not be attending Grand Nationals. Like Coppell, they will be attending the St. Louis Super Regional.
  7. What bands do you think will perform at a BOA Regional or Super Regional outside of Texas in 2019? Currently, Coppell is signed up for the St. Louis Super Regional and Stephen F. Austin is rumored to also be attending St. Louis.
  8. It'll be interesting to see where exactly the Austin Bands going to Grand Nationals (Leander, Round Rock, Vandegrift) go that weekend. Do they go to Katy to see how they match up with The Woodlands and possibly CTJ, or do they go to Bedford to see how they would match up against Hebron?
  9. As part of the countdown to the full schedule release, BOA announced today that the Dallas/ Fort Worth Regional will be on October 5th, and will once again be held at Pennington Field in Bedford.
  10. And just to add to the intensity Broken Arrow H.S., OK and Park Vista H.S., FL have confirmed their attendance.
  11. Yesterday the schedule for the 2019 Drum Corps season dropped. Before I highlight the Texas events some highlights include: - The Tour Premier will return to Detroit for a second year. - Due to a scheduling conflict, there will be no dome competition in St. Louis. This event will now be held in Belleville, IL. - Quashing rumors that costs would prevent them from returning, DCI will still hold the Southeastern Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. - The Open Class Championships will move from Michigan City, IN to Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. Now to highlight next years Texas events. I'll also post where each corps are competing, with the exception of the Southwestern Championship. 7/18/2019: DCI Central Texas, Belton, TX, Competing Corps: Genesis, Guardians, Jersey Surf, Madison Scouts, Music City, Oregon Crusaders, and Spirit of Atlanta. 7/18/2019: DCI North Texas, Denton, TX, Competing Corps: The Academy, Blue Knights, Boston Crusaders, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Colts, Crossmen, Mandarins, Pacific Crest, Phantom Regiment, and Troopers. 7/19/2019: Tour of Champions - Texas, Katy, TX, Competing Corps: Blue Devils, Blue Stars, Bluecoats, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, and Santa Clara Vanguard. 7/20/2019: DCI Southwestern Championship, San Antonio, TX 7/22/2019: DCI Mesquite, Mesquite, TX, Competing Corps: Blue Devils, Blue Knights, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Colts, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, Spirit of Atlanta, and Troopers.
  12. I haven't seen a thread about this but this can be the thread to discuss who might be coming to next years Grand National Championships. Here's a list of who might be coming from Texas. Bands Confirmed to be attending: Leander Round Rock Bands on a Rotation Year that will likely be attending: The Woodlands Bands highly likely to be attending but not confirmed: Hebron Vandegrift Bands rumored to be attending: Keller Claudia Taylor Johnson Vista Ridge
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