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Texas Marching Classic 2019

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I still can't seem to find any sort of Texas Marching Classic information on the internet anywhere.  Do they not have a website anymore?  It seems like that would be something that should be updated regularly and easy to find!!  There's this link below but nothing has happened with it.



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Anyone have predictions for finals? I'd make some but u honestly can't see who would and wouldn't be in finals since the line up is really competitive.

If I was doing compelete guesses based off of what I've seen and just past reputation, I'd have something like this:



Leander High School

Ronald Reagan High School

Vandegrift High School


Hendrickson High School

Cedar Park High School

James Bowie High School


Winston Churchill High School

Rouse High School


Weiss High School

Jack C. Hays High School


I've put the band in areas of where I imagine they'll place, rather than specific placements. After BOA Austin, I feel like we'll have a better idea of where this contest will go. And I haven't even posted my predictions for that contest yet!

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Any guesses for anyone that might sneak into finals! I'd like to see that happen because this contest is so stacked!

Honestly I would love to see O'Connor make it into finals. Ever since their complete director change last year, they have been doubted by many. Their 2019 program is something that they haven't really done before, and it would be great to see them make finals. #ocmachine 

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