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  1. I won’t even say Im not going to be surprised by the scores because I know I’m not going to be able to predict anything tonight
  2. Burnet really came down to let everyone feel the Burn(et) today huh
  3. Doing a show twice isn’t really against the rules, if it’s not identical then I assume there isn’t as issue. I may be way wrong though
  4. Wow, just think about how this would’ve played out if finals hadn’t been cancelled!
  5. Vista Ridge always turns out to me a very interesting competition, I can’t wait for this one!
  6. The temperatures really weren’t in the mood to be nice today at all
  7. A band I think would definitely make finals (or atleast super close) would be Weiss. they were second band of the day to perform either way they placed 11th place, they seem to already be on the list so them getting a better slot wouldn't surprise me. Them making finals wouldn't either.
  8. It'll be an interesting turn out for sure, never thought I'd see Hendrickson on that list ever
  9. Ah so it is true, nice I like seeing more Soundsport groups from texas
  10. The word on the street is that there's a new soundsport group being established that's gonna be based in Texas, Sounds they're trying to go the Guardiand route and start as this before trying to move to open class. Anyone else hear of this?
  11. We've also Got Rthythmic Force Percussion (independent open I believe)
  12. Weiss, 3 years old and already at state finals, nice
  13. 2:15 - Aledo 2:30 - Dripping Springs 2:45 - Lebanon Trail 3:00 - Burleson Centennial 3:15 - Rouse 3:30 - Highland Park Break 4:00 - Cedar Park 4:15 - Weiss 4:30 - Wakeland 4:45 - Lone Star 5:00 - Friendswood 5:15 - Wylie East
  14. Copied this from the 5A state thread, Credit goes to the original publisher I did not put this together, just wanted to show how competitive this comp is, these bands did not make finals but look at these scores. 5A State participants scores at BOA San Antonio: 1. Cedar Park- 86.70 (22nd)- Panel 2 2. Wakeland- 86.43 (24th)- Panel 1 3. Rouse- 84.93 (31st)- Panel 1 4. Burleson Centennial- 84.80 (33rd)- Panel 2 5. Wylie East- 84.18 (34th)- Panel 2 6. Friendswood- 83.80 (36th)- Panel 2 7. Weiss- 81.60 (41st)- Panel 2 8. Aledo- 81.30 (42nd)- Panel 2 9. Tom Glenn- 79.35 (47th)- Panel 1 10. Pioneer- 76.03 (57th)- Panel 1
  15. We aren't wasting time huh well I'm all for it, yes we need semi finals
  16. So wakeland Got third place in 3A at San Antonio behind Cedar park I think wakeland is about to blow our minds on Monday and I'm all for it.
  17. As to what will happen I have no clue now, San Antonio is The competition to show how it's done in Texas and even those from Texas will have no idea how it's gonna go down, but what we do know is that it's gonna be great.
  18. Yeah I've also heard that there's new turf can anyone confirm? Or is everyone just falling over together today
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