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  1. According to the O'Connor Panther Band website, BOA McAllen is still on the calendar. I have not heard anything regarding them dropping out of this contest.
  2. Sandra Day O'Connor's 2020 program is entitled "Dreams". Their musical selections include - Wondrous Light by John Estacio - Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics - Harrison's Dream by Peter Graham - Wild Nights by John Adams
  3. What is everyone's opinion on O'Connor HS at this contest?
  4. Does anyone have the full results and rankings of each division?
  5. Honestly I would love to see O'Connor make it into finals. Ever since their complete director change last year, they have been doubted by many. Their 2019 program is something that they haven't really done before, and it would be great to see them make finals. #ocmachine
  6. I wouldn't doubt that O'Connor is going to step it up this year at the Thunder in the Hills contest as well. They won the 2019 TCGC Indoor Drumline State Championships with a brand new percussion director. They are a talented group of musicians and I see them doing great things this year.
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