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UIL Area E 6A 2021

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1 hour ago, CBMom said:

I really feel for the kids from Dawson and Dickinson especially, having a tiebreaker keep them from state - that’s heartbreaking.  Our band missed state by 3 ordinal points in 2018, and that was bad enough.  I’m not going to say I agree with all the placements, but I’m not a trained judge, either - I figure they catch things that I don’t.  This isn’t the first time that judging seemed strange and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  

Regardless, as a parent of a kid in a program in Area E that did make state and is not on your list of who should be going, this post is pretty insulting.  We’ve been on the other side and our kids are taught to be gracious regardless, and honestly, that’s all you can do.  I just would like people to remember that all the kids are working hard and doing their best and the judging, right or wrong, isn’t their fault, and posts like this can be unnecessarily hurtful.

I didn’t mean it to be insulting I’m sorry if I sounded a little insulting what I meant to say is that in my opinion the best bands in that area were the ones that I said but all other bands did a really great job and I’m so proud of every band 

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On 10/31/2021 at 5:55 PM, Snare3 said:

Were you able to watch Dawson? Their placement and score is really shocking especially how strong they started the season.

Yes I did, and I was sure they were the strongest of those I saw. Their score placements are shocking and make no sense.

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Such a shame for Dickinson and Dawson high school.. congratulations to all the bands who advanced to the state level! But are we gonna talk about Dickinsons almost complete takeover in prelims?! Such a shame to see a program who's grown so much within just one season get knocked out.. was looking forward to seeing them make it to state.

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Congratulations to Pearland. So close to Finals which I’m sure is heartbreaking but a 13th placement is something to be proud of.

SFA proved they belonged at State. Ironically they were in another 3 way tie—this time for 20th (but were on the shorthand this time)

Clear Brook 28th

Clements 31st

All truly amazing shows!!

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