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Thunder in the Hills 2019

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I managed to grab a preliminary schedule:


Intermediate Small

11:00 Crockett

11:15 LBJ

11:30 Bastrop

11:45 Akins

12:00 Del Valle

12:15 Wimberly

12:30 Cedar Creek


Advanced Small

1:00 Rouse

1:15 Temple

1:30 Stony Point

1:45 Anderson

2:00 Lockhart

2:15 Georgetown

2:30 Taft


Exhibition- 4:00 Dripping Springs


Advanced Large

4:15 New Braunfels

4:30 O'Connor

4:45 Earl Warren

5:00 Floresville

5:15 Pflugerville

5:30 James Bowie


6:00 Brandeis

6:15 MacArthur

6:30 McCallum

6:45 Lake Travis

7:00 Vandegrift

7:15 Vista Ridge

7:30 Cedar Park

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They finally posted the schedule on their website.  A few changes from what I posted above:


Intermediate Small
11:00 LBJ
11:15 Bastrop
11:30 Crockett
11:45 Akins
12:00 Del Valle
12:15 Wimberly

Advanced Small
12:45 Temple
1:00 Stony Point
1:15 Anderson
1:30 Lockhart

1:45 Cedar Creek

2:00 Georgetown
2:15 Taft

Exhibition- 3:30 Dripping Springs

Advanced Large
3:45 New Braunfels

4:00 O'Connor
4:15 Earl Warren
4:30 Floresville
4:45 Pflugerville
5:00 Brandeis

5:30 MacArthur
5:45 McCallum
6:00 James Bowie
6:15 Lake Travis
6:30 Vandegrift
6:45 Vista Ridge
7:00 Cedar Park

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I wonder why some of the other top lines in the area don't go to this. I'm thinking of Cedar Ridge, Round rock, Westlake, Leander, even Reagan and CTJ. 

Cedar Ridge doesn't really do early drumline contests anymore because our percussion director writes our drumline book and makes a lot of early changes and doesn't want to show up with an unfinished product.

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Out of the NISD bands, Brandeis is the only one that could challenge the LISD bands. That's Mr. Asgari for ya.


I don't know if classifications are based on band size, percussion group size, or director choice, but I'm surprised (and slightly disappointed) to see Taft in the small category.

I wouldn't doubt that O'Connor is going to step it up this year at the Thunder in the Hills contest as well. They won the 2019 TCGC Indoor Drumline State Championships with a brand new percussion director. They are a talented group of musicians and I see them doing great things this year.

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I think it took a while for results to be posted last year. Vandegrift won Advanced large with Cedar Park in 2nd, Vista Ridge 3rd and McCallum 4th. Advanced small was Stony Point 1st, Anderson 2nd, and Georgetown 3rd. Akins won Intermediate small. I remember a couple more in random places, but that’s all I can guarantee is correct
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