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  1. Just a funny from a band geek mind. Last night I was watching Yo-Yo Ma performing amazing grace before transitioned to Dvorak’s symphony for a new world. My honest first thought while listening to this was”wow, did he get this version of amazing grace from Vista Ridge circa 2018”.🤣 I came to my senses after a couple of minutes.
  2. I am in one of the families that has stayed quarantined since March because my wife is high risk. I’m fortunate that I have remained well and employed. Fall has always been my favorite season for multiple reasons but marching band contests have been fall mainstays for 35 years(dang I’m getting old😁) for me as a former band member and music major. I am one who errs on the side of proactive prevention of the spread of Covid. That being said, I’m sure I’m in the company of everyone on these forums on the probable implications of Covid 19 on marching this fall. Despite what is decided from the tmea and uil I won’t go to band contests this year in the dfw area where I live for the first fall since I started marching band in 1985 simply because of crowd exposure. I know there’s bigger things to worry about right now, but I’m heartbroken over that for myself but also the implications of all band parents and students. Band was my life for 15 years from 7th grade through college, those experiences still form a core of my life experience. I still find myself trying to get in step while walking with other people and even though I played a trumpet I still have a virtual 24 hour drum line within the confines of my nerdy mind. Another loss of normalcy during this strange time. I hope this doesn’t leave a lasting affect in marching band given funding issues, continuity of practice issues etc.
  3. I’m glad, they have a great program, East Texas needs some good 5a/6a corps style marching bands. the Tyler bands aren’t really competitive. Btw, I’ve marched in a “milicorps” before. I haven’t heard that term since I moved to dfw 20 years ago. Milicorps to me is military. Mineola is outstanding of course, but they’re still 3a.
  4. I’m not sure about the football=high attendance schools. Longview has been winning for years in 6a. They go up and down from 6a to 5a every time realignment comes up. Lufkin is the same. As far as band goes they are both great military bands, so they’ll be in the new military band state contest if they go. I’d love say I’m very interested in the new military band state contest but that’s just not my thing. I had enough of that growing up in East Texas.
  5. I believe Longview Pine Tree briefly changed to corps style and swiftly returned to military style marching. The five high schools serving portions of Longview are all military.
  6. That’s one reason why we moved to n fort worth(Keller) from Frisco. People here think traffic has us bad but it’s not even in the same hemisphere as Frisco traffic. I’m not sure about the small school philosophy at Frisco and now Prosper. At least in terms of parent and crowd support, the 4 6a high schools in Keller isd get a lot more support than Frisco’s legion of 5a schools.
  7. Absolutely, and those flo sports ads were horrible with the volume. I tried to use flo sports app on fire tv and it just spun forever, had to use an internet browser to watch Boa SA and grand nationals.
  8. Jarrett Lipman, my compliments to CTJ being a very classy organization and please never conform. I absolutely love y’alls shows
  9. Wow, somebody in the video department had an epic fail it looks like
  10. Big congrats to Vandy and Leander. Both have been my favorite shows this year from the beginning of the year. Glad to see Hebron in the top 3 for 4a. But great job Team Texas, hopefully someone from Texas brings home the eagle tonight. Saying hopefully because I felt this way before, when Hebron scored 97.85 in prelims in 2015. I thought they were perhaps a lock for the eagle and still lost to Broken Arrow and Avon in finals.
  11. Absolutely, I noticed that on flo marching as well. CTJ just oozes energy during their performance. Avon was very good as was William Mason in my opinion, but Texas bias here, CTJ won the night.
  12. CTJ brought down the house tonight. Awesome showing for them, some dirt but that is a great show and I agree that that show was much improved from San Antonio boa. I was impressed with Avon as well tonight and I have to take back my previous snoozer tag for Carmel. I enjoyed their show despite some marching issues.
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