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  1. So Princeton is starting a Winter Winds group this year (of which I will be a part of) and I was wondering, what other schools in Texas have a Winter Winds group?
  2. 4A Area B just got harder. Van Alstyne moved up and Kaufman dropped back in. Also, Carthage dropped to 4A D2. RIP 4A D2.
  3. Texarkana Pleasant Grove and Quitman switched from military to corps, the latter being in 1983. I know because I have personal connections to those schools.
  4. 1A bands have been able to go to State for years, however there is no 1A Area contest. If a 1A band gets a 1 at region, they go directly to State.
  5. I know. I'm proud of my band and the run we had. But, it just hit me that this chapter of my life is ending very soon. I'm literally crying as I'm typing this. I don't want it to end!
  6. My high school marching career is over (except for two more ball games). I'm still proud of my band and the season we had. Congratulations to the Finalists. "It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." -Capt. Picard, Star Trek TNG
  7. Area B Finalists Independence Reedy The Colony Heritage Centennial Wylie East Lovejoy Lebanon Trail Wakeland Lone Star
  8. I'm with Princeton, hope you get to see us! And yes, it is cold. We just froze out in rehearsal and everyone sounded flat.
  9. Today is the day! Good luck to all of the bands competing today!
  10. Today, October 25, is Snapshot Day! If anyone has enrollment numbers, please post them!
  11. Princeton. Trombone. Feature. That's not just my "I'm performing it" bias talking. The crowd went nuts when we finished it at Little Elm and I have't seen a bigger crowd reaction to another moment. For other bands, I thought Mineola and Wylie did amazing shows!
  12. E eliminates the rule that if 1 or 0 bands in a region get a 1, then the judges would pick two bands to advance to Area.
  13. The judges panel will now be four music judges, two marching judges, and one "content/design" judge.
  14. I am fairly certain Finals order is decided by random draw.
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