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Found 4 results

  1. So in 2019, I put together a Facebook page for #teamtexas to post and follow the 6 bands that attended Grand Nationals. it was a great deal of fun as we had more than 700 members sharing the success of our programs. I have just created a new page on Facebook for 2021 Team Texas. you can search #TeamTexas 2021 Grand Nats - the page will request you to state your band affiliation - this is done as we got a lot of foreign spam that try to join to troll for members info on the last site and did not answer and are written in Arabic. this page is for all fans of #teamtexas - even if your program is not attending. To my knowledge, only Vista Ridge has announced that they will be attending by I am sure that there will be more to come
  2. I haven't seen a thread about this but this can be the thread to discuss who might be coming to next years Grand National Championships. Here's a list of who might be coming from Texas. Bands Confirmed to be attending: Leander Round Rock Bands on a Rotation Year that will likely be attending: The Woodlands Bands highly likely to be attending but not confirmed: Hebron Vandegrift Bands rumored to be attending: Keller Claudia Taylor Johnson Vista Ridge
  3. We have confirmation of 6 programs that will attend Grand Nationals on November 2019. Claudia Taylor Johnson High School Hebron High School Leander High School Round Rock High School The Woodlands High School Vandergrift High School Honorary Texas Band - Avon High School as in 2016 - the CTJ Alumni group is working on creating the #teamtexas shirt for the members that will compete in GNats. This shirt will be available to all of the 7 programs listed we hope to have these available at BOA SA as well - but time will tell. I hope to share with the group once we have completed the design. the back of the shirt will have the names of the 6 schools and the front will include a Texas theme and our hashtags
  4. What are your thoughts on BOA Austin placements based on the show previews that we have seen?
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