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Posted 10 October 2017 - 04:10 AM


LeanderMomma your reviews are spot in

Where is Rubisco? I am curious of their thoughts

For me, nothing beats Vandegrifts precission and straight leg marching.

I do love Reagan's big flag moments they're so beautiful and memorable. Their shows just wouldn't be the same without that dance team and guard.

Leander's music is catchy and amazing.

The Woodlands are my favorite. I do think when they're complete and polished they will take it all.



Quick thoughts:


Vandegrift - Absolutely beautiful show that they are performing at such a high level already.  I love the added layer of depth thematically dealing with the tinnitus and Beethoven's hearing.  Great all around.  


Ronald Reagan - I love love love the effect of the split guard and dance team this year, there are some truly spine tingling moments of how they portray the theme through this visual effect.  The ending is bone chilling, easily one of my favorite moments of the year so far.  A very relevant show perhaps.......love it.  


Leander - I love their ethereal tone they present in such different ways every year, their theme is truly fascinating.  Their visual program is very strong this year, the guard improved a TON from last year, they're great!  Love what I heard of the Apres Moi closer, can't wait to hear the rest.  


James Bowie - I'm so glad to see them coming into this year so strong, after the big change in staff last year it warms my heart to see them doing so well.  Man, what a jump from Austin!  I love the minimalist tone of the show, the visual aesthetic is truly fascinating to look at.  And their guard.........absolutely phenomenal stuff this year.  Can't wait to see the show finished.  


The Woodlands - What a beast of a show, like every year their shows take some time to really mature and grow due to the complexity and difficulty and this year is no different, and I think the payoff in November could be huge.  The ballad is gonna be absolutely incredible, that's something I am dying to see in San Antonio.  


Hendrickson - I have loved Hendrickson since the UnRaveled show in 2014 and am so so so happy to see them doing pretty much their best ever.  Again the design is super engaging, effective, and like Ronald Reagan very now depending on how you look at it.  LOVE the closer that was new for Conroe.  I think they're gonna have an amazing season, it's been a blast watching them grow to an elite.  


Round Rock - I was a little hesitant on this show in Austin but I really loved it on the Conroe cast.  It's non stop, high intensity, super difficult, and just super interesting.  I think the added voiceovers were great, they added some clarity thematically that really helped guide me through the show.  I think it has a ton of potential to really peak when it needs to late in the season.  And the drums are FANTASTIC.  


Cy-Fair - Glad to see them so strong again after what I thought was a great show last year.  They sound VERY good this year, great sounds from all sections.  Love the drum writing and performance as always from these guys, Box 6 knows how to write some sick drum books.  


Winston Churchill - This show has so much exposure!  So many isolated hits, super linear forms and rotations, etc.  I admire the kids for tackling it and I think the payoff is huge down the road when they really start to polish this thing.  LOVE the drum book in the closer, some really difficult stuff in there they're tackling well.  Guard has a very difficult and exciting book to they're tackling well.  


Clear Brook - Oh my gosh this show is FUN!  The bit where they BIT (haha) the drum major and dragged him off the podium especially.  If you didn't have fun watching this show I'm sorry.  Loved the bat set as well.  And as always, Clear Brooks drums were top notch.  


And again..........Pearland really found a place in my heart.  I loved the show design and they sounded fantastic.  Placement aside I still maintain this is my favorite show from them and I think one of their best designs as of late.  I cannot wait to see it later in the season!  

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