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  1. I thought they were trading tone quality for volume. I'm never good at gauging how the judges will interpret that. As for Area F bands, I think Aledo is great, BC is also good but less so, and Richland is less good than BC right now until their closer is tightened up and their trumpets fit in. Richland sounds pretty good though for their size. Other than that, I'm not sure what to think yet.
  2. Not sure I understand the Azle placement. But then again, I am not a judge!
  3. Results: 10. Burleson (744) 9. Midlothian (757) 8. Chisholm Trail (757.5) 7. Brewer (760) 6. Burleson Centennial (784) 5. Sachse (799) 4. Rockwall (812.5) 3. Aledo (823) 2. Azle (829.5) 1. LD Bell (861) Music: Aledo Visual: LD Bell GE: LD Bell Percussion: LD Bell Color Guard: LD Bell
  4. LD Bell was pretty strong visually. For about half of their show I was underwhelmed with their music performance. I think it was partly the cold, though, since it did get better as the show went on. Still, they did not sound that much better than, for instance, Aledo, which is what I was expecting. Haltom was in exhibition at the end of finals. They were visually a bit of a mess, although at their best they sounded better than Bell. They also beat the cold better. Unfortunately, their sound has holes in it! Not enough people know their music. So, their output was inconsistent. If they were competing, I would put them somewhere in the middle.
  5. Azle's show was fun. I think that their brass is overplaying their capacity, though, at the cost of a thin sound. I place them just over Chisholm Trail and under Sachse.
  6. Chisholm Trail was rough, though they had good energy in the first couple movements. I suspect they will place towards the bottom tonight. Rockwall is good this season. I'm not sure of the last time they've been at this level. They play a bit more subdued which let's them listen better side to side than Sachse, but not, I think, Aledo. They don't always use that to their advantage, though. They're pretty clean. Glad I could see them this year!
  7. Sachse is about twice the size of anyone who has performed tonight. They held together pretty well, but they sound more unfocused than BC. I can't remember if finals order is reverse order or top half / bottom half, but it would make sense if not random. Aledo is pretty strong with their hieroglyphics show. They have numbers in their favor this year too. They are generally clean and sound fairly focused. They'll do very good at state if they make it, which I think they have a strong shot at doing.
  8. I'm here at the event. Will send periodic updates. I warn that I am not particularly good at evaluating performances in real time. ? The first exhibition band was Argyle, who won 4A Iin prelims. They sound fairly good at times, but they're a bit of a mess visually right now. Then Richland performed in exhibition. Their show is haunting but beautiful, and I was happily surprised with the package as a whole. They're pretty small -- about the size of Argyle -- but they're performing pretty well. I think they have a good shot at being middle of the pack in Area F finals. They clearly need to clean their closer though. And their first trumpets need to play in the ensemble, not just in tune. ? Burleson had a fun bee themed show. They're sounded rougher than Argyle and Richland, but had some good music ensemble moments. They performed at a level above Argyle and just a bit below Richland. The guard was fairly good. Midlothian's show was ballet themed with a gem motif. They wore tux uniforms! They performed weaker than Burleson tonight, though I think some of this comes from show design weakness. Brewer performed just below the level of Midlothian. They had a patriotic themed show. I missed the name of Burleson Centennial's show, but visually it's themed graffiti on brick. They have several large props like this which some of the kids go on top of. They have a lot of stage presence tonight! I feel pretty comfortable placing them above Richland. Their show feels state-worthy, but they need to make it through Area F. Great show!
  9. I'm somewhat surprised about Duncanville, although, as with many other programs this year, their situation could perhaps be easily explained by the effects of the pandemic. Also, The Colony's absence from finals is notable, even if this is consistent with their bottom-of-finals finish at HEB finals this year and their early-ish performance time today. My guess is that they are the first out. I'm most surprised by Summit's lower placement, though, given their BOA Midland placement last week. Of course, Midland was not an incredibly deep contest, and this is not BOA scoring. Additionally, Summit had an early slot today, although that is not by itself a strong explanation in this context. Highland Park seems to be securing their program's upward trajectory. Since they were not in contest with Wylie for captions in prelims, it is difficult to say how close or far the two are. Movement in finals will be interesting. I think Summit is most likely to move up, and Highland Park most likely to not move down (apart from Lewisville).
  10. The longer I'm connected to this activity, the more I realize how little anyone can understand from the outside-in what scores mean. I'm somewhere between being connected and being on the outside, so I feel hardly in a place to say anything about any particular scores. But speaking generally on the matter (and perhaps more briefly than... usual...) is something reasonable. Is judging subjective? Yes, and it must be, since judges don't have access to an objective, Platonic world of forms against which to evaluate performances. Does that make it entirely unscientific? No. Why? Because not all subjective viewpoints are tolerated. What viewpoints are tolerated? From educators, designers, or others with acceptable credentials. Is that sufficient? Generally and for the most part. Does that mean there is still bias in judging? Yes. Can judging be more scientific? Yes. How? Most generally, by the removal over time of viewpoints which do not reflect the tolerable range of scores a performance in a given caption is, according to present standards, deserving of--as well as the invention of new viewpoints which better and more consistently reflect the tolerable range. And how does that occur? A incalculable number of ways, but all of which put judges in positions in which they must rank-order certain novelties or excellences over others. Are there other necessary conditions? Yes, and a vast number which have yet to be determined, but one of which is the aggregate continuity of judging experience within the community. Okay, they're kicking me out of the coffee shop now.
  11. Shout out to the N.Crowley band. You've improved so much since Mansfield POC! Good for you!
  12. You're very welcome! I'm glad that Arlington was in the mix, and that they are yet another solid band program in the area. Thank you for being part of what makes the fine arts stick around in north Texas!
  13. I think Trinity has a better shot at area finals than I previously thought. Richland is a moving target right now, so ask me again in a week when the area results are posted and I'll update my predictions.
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