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  1. All Live: Cedar Park '02 - "Claustrophobia" (My first time seeing a marching show with a synth) Westfield '02 - "Metamorphosis" ("Aww Westfield!, Conroe UIL! 2k2! Those Trix are for kids!" 😁) Cypress Falls '07 - "The Shining" (First time hearing a marching show that used a bass amp to fuel their power chords [pretty much everyone in a BOA Finals does this now]) TWHS '09 - "Amen" (Favorite show from my First year live-blogging for TxB. Subaraman drum chant!) Cedar Ridge '10 - "The Game Within" (Final Fantasy show; their inaugural year) CTJ '10 - "You Are" (I consider myself "CTJ
  2. Houston is an area with more Journeymen than literally anywhere else, but no has no real Masters. DFW has Flower Mound, Hebron, Marcus, LD Bell & Keller. San Antonio has Reagan and CTJ. Austin has Vandegrift, Vista Ridge & Leander. But for Houston it's really just the Woodlands. There are plenty of bands like North Shore, or Pearland, or Clements, or Oak Ridge, or Clear Brook, or SFA, or JET, or Seven Lakes, or Brazoswood, or Cy-Fair or Friendswood that have shown they have the potential to be that second tower...Houston has so many bands that have been to State or won BOA Regional
  3. The main reason I would pull back from calling Vandegrift "band of the decade" is because their real dominating success has only come much more recently. After the bronze medal they won at BOA Conroe in 2010, Vandegrift competed at 12 more BOA regionals and didn't win another medal until Austin in 2016 (gold). They competed at San Antonio in '10, '11, '12 & '13 and didn't make finals at any of them (EDIT: actually, wait...they got 12th in prelims in '13, then 7th in finals). Anyone remember the days wondering when LD Bell or Marcus would break the streak and get something lower than bron
  4. I always say if you're going to say it you might as well sing it. Vocal features can achieve the end that narration does, and adds a musical element at the same time. It can also serve as a bridge to the chunk of the halftime audience that can't stomach instrumental music purely because they convinced themselves at some point that music has to have lyrics, otherwise it's boring.
  5. It's hard to get a concrete number mainly because some schools don't do true traditional military and others have been known to mix it up (e.g. China Spring, who've been in the 4A state finals in recent years utilizing what I would call "millicorps" style). Plus there are a LOT of 1A and 2A schools in this state....you almost can't keep track of them all from year to year. 6A is a little easier, since there are only a handful of schools that dabble in that style nowadays....I will say the number of 6A schools still doing military is very likely in the single digits. Kingwood, Kingwood Park,
  6. Prelims 1. Bridgeland – 89.75 2. Oak Ridge– 87.10 3. Cy-Fair – 85.90 4. Clements – 84.70 5. Cypress Woods – 84.40 6. JET – 83.30 7. Cinco Ranch – 80.60 8. Brazoswood – 79.10 9. Spring – 79.00 10. Langham Creek – 77.85 11. Cypress Ranch – 76.55 12. Jersey Village – 75.65 13. Westfield – 75.00 14. Klein Collins – 74.90 15. Clear Falls – 72.45 16. Dickinson – 70.90 17. Kempner – 70.20 18. William B. Travis – 66.75 19. Dobie – 65.80 20. Cypress Creek – 65.10 21. Churchill-Fulshear – 63.40 22. Dulles – 63.30 23. Cypress Ridge – 62.90 24. Klein Forest – 61.30 25. Bryan – 59.60 26. Clear Springs - 5
  7. Didn't trek out to see any shows this year but I've been watching some vids. My favorite so far has been Cedar Ridge. I think I've watched their Part 3 drum break (with eight chuu-daiko taiko drums) like 20 times.
  8. Porter won 5A at Galena Park and came in 6th overall at Lonestar Preview (placing ahead of solid 6A groups like Klein Oak and College Park and made a strong push towards dethroning some well known groups like Spring, while being well above some of their key competition; Willis). I've heard lots of good things from some friends of mine about this band recently and feel they have a strong chance of winning this area. Porter advanced last go-round as well. Aside from Willis (2nd in 5A @ GP, 10th overall @ Lonestar) and Tomball (4th @ Katy overall) who both advanced last time as well, I think Col
  9. http://www.txbands.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7422-lone-star-preview/
  10. Hebron's DDR show was '06 . lol, that was also my favorite show that year after Bell's "The Remaining" and TWHS's "Hide and Seek". The "Speed Over Beethoven" closer is one of my favorite closers ever as well. Other fun ones from '05 that are just now coming to mind were Haltom's "La Nouba" and Westfield's "Wake from Your Sleep" (Music from Final Fantasy 8 + Eric Whitacre's "I Thank You God For This Most Amazing Day" and "Sleep"). 2005 was a good year .
  11. I got into a the BOA scene in 2006. Richland was one of the powerhouses at the time and I was a HUGE fan of their shows. "iShow" was probably my 2nd favorite show of 2007 behind Bell's championship show. Karl Jenkins' "Chorale-Solfa" became the piece to do after that year and I think they might've been the first finalist band to ever put the theme from Halo on the field. "Inside Out" was my 3rd favorite show behind Bell's "Light of Gold" and Avon's "Equus" in '05. I don't think there will ever be a more glorious performance of Whitacre's "Sleep" in BOA. (EDIT: Well.....4th favorite.
  12. Only show that ever brought me to tears was LD Bell 2010 - Honor: We Will Remember. The final scene was powerful.
  13. Students can hold music sectionals (not visual) during the summer, but yes student-led sectionals do count towards the 8 hours because it's too easy of a rule to abuse. It's very easy for a director to say "I can't make you all hold sectionals, but I *highly encourage* y'all to do so". A lot of student leaders would still feel pressured into doing this out of love for their teacher rather than doing it of their own volition. It becomes too difficult to pinpoint whose idea it *really* was, and actual abuse of it would be easy to cover-up since so much of it is under the table and not on any p
  14. 2014 was the last year DVDs of Bands of America events were sold (and many of them had muted audio). Based on this email, Mr. Video was at the 2015 events and produced director copies for various schools but did not distribute/sell them to the public as they couldn't obtain mechanical sync rights for them. So there are likely some DVD rips of 2015 floating around (which might be what you have), but most are still "stream captures" (people who watched the stream and recorded it on their devices). All the BOA videos I have from 2015 are stream captures. There are no DVDs of the 2016 BOA
  15. I've seen 6A bands with over 350 kids where the director has been like "We have 16 tubas this year, which is more than we've had for awhile, so that'll be nice". I was teaching lessons at Huntsville in 2013 when they had 18 Tubas signed up, and that was mighty impressive since it was only about 195 kids in the band. 17 made it to 1st day of school and they marched 16 for UIL. That was a mid-sized 5A. (EDIT: Getting my years mixed up, but 2013 was the right year). But 4A? darn...
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