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  1. Hi folks!! I have reached out to several people regarding the status of this contest. Once word comes along, I'll update the AREA RESULTS LIVE BLOG!!!! UIL 5A/3A RESULTS Live Blog
  2. Hi. Yeah. I have access to all sorts of information on here. Most of those screen names were made on the same day within minutes of each other. I would appreciate the attempt to raise "credibility" on the Predictions for your current/former program or an attempt to intimidate/troll one of our members be stopped IMMEDIATELY!! Otherwise, I'll start banning accounts, IP addresses, email addresses, and whatever I need to do to keep the integrity of this awesome place intact. This thread is to remain on topic. Thanks.
  3. Hi folks! Hope your day is wonderful. Just a quick reminder that any attempt to misrepresent yourself or slander any programs in an inappropriate way will result in account restrictions or a permanent ban. Post responsibly
  4. Correct!!!! I had to do some digging around since 12 Area Participants usually means that there is no Finals contest. However, because of several programs opting to do the Military track instead of Open Class, those Div 1 rating at Region still count! Area C 12 Area Participants (19 Area Qualifiers) 7 To Area Finals 3 To State Contest
  5. Hello folks!!! First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who tuned in to the Live Blog for the Texas Marching Classic yesterday! We experienced some of the highest viewership ever which is incredible considering that the blog was its own separate link away from our BOA coverage! You all made that happen and I am over the Moon! Thank you!!!! Let me address some things that happened yesterday: - The reason for the long delay for Prelims results was because there was an issue with the tabulation software. All numbers were correct so nothing was compromised. The software wasn't spitting out recaps like it was supposed to so that's why we had to wait for a bit for results. I know this because I was in the room!!! I then left the room because fajitas were being served in the Press Box. YUM!!! - As far as I am aware, NO ONE was disqualified from yesterday's event. Everyone who performed is on the recap sheets and no penalties appear on the recap sheets. To start publicly throwing out rumors like this is incredibly damaging and irresponsible. If it continues, I'll start removing accounts. - Comments for the Live Blog now have to be approved before they appear publicly. After Prelims results, a few people could not handle what was announced and decided to chime in with colorful language. I'm not down with that. - I saw amazing acts of sportsmanship between the programs yesterday!!! It hurts to hear that a few outliers may have conducted themselves in a less than mature fashion. Hateful language has absolutely no place on this website and this activity. It's all love here. I'll talk more about the contest on my Cherry On TMC episode which will come out later this week. Until then, please take care of yourselves
  6. Let’s keep this on topic. The event is a week away and these kiddos deserve some support. I cannot wait to be back in the stands nerding out!
  7. The tropical storm in the Gulf is about to dump plenty of rain on the Houston area the next few days. Schools are already cancelling classes/rehearsals for the next day or two. Along with possible quarantine issues existing with some programs, don't be surprised if some bands decide to pull out of the Conroe contest. It's an unfortunate situation for all involved and I hope the Houston area remains as safe as possible.
  8. THE NERD-IN IS BAAAACK!!! Let’s preview the BOA McAllen Regional Championship, the different experiences the competing programs dealt with last year, and how Box5TV, Marching Arts Education, and the TxBands Live Blog is going to wash over the Earth with marching band nerdiness!!!
  9. Super Regional Tickets ON SALE Quick Overview: - General Admission seating for both days of Prelims. Sit anywhere you can find a seat! - Lower Deck for Finals is General Admission. - Upper Deck for Finals is RESERVED SEATING. Pro Tip: - If you don't want to hassle with scouring over the lower deck for Finals seats, consider purchasing a reserved seat in the upper deck.
  10. For most of us, school is already underway. That means it is time to #GetGoodBandNerd!!! I'll explain the philosophy behind the phrase and how a marching member can navigate through the distractions of the beginning of school.
  11. Summer Band is back!! Let's go over the rules, regulations, calendars, and timelines associated with Summer Marching Band in the State of Texas.
  12. Drum corps is back! Let's go over the protocols, the limited tour, the financial/emotional cost, and just exactly how different things will be this Summer.
  13. Like I've said before, as a director, I would put up fake contests on my public calendar just to throw people off! A lot of local events are really pushing for high attendance so that the programs who host them can get back on track financially.
  14. Good thing I only like Canadian Football. GO EDMONTON!!! I get it. There is a concern amongst programs/admins of burnout during a year when 6A State is an "added" contest. It's tough to manage mentally and financially.
  15. The Senior Band Class Of 2021 deserves its own commencement speech. I am happy to oblige! Please listen below. Congratulations, Seniors!!!
  16. WHERE ARE THE BLOODY BOA LISTS!?!?! Calm down, Voice Inside My Head. Let me explain why the lists aren't out yet and why we need not throw bricks.
  17. UIL has decided to go ALL conferences for State Marching Contest in 2021. Let’s look at the background behind the announcement, the marching schedule, why marching band will own your soul in the Fall of 2021, and the important decisions on the plate for many top programs.
  18. Help me put a cherry on the 2020 UIL State Marching Championships! Also, there's a MAJOR teaser at the end of the program :)
  19. 20 Bands. One Contest. This is your guide to the UIL 6A State Marching Band Championships. If you're ready, let's dance.
  20. Let's go over the results and shout out the 20 programs who qualified for the State Contest on Area Saturday!
  21. Area Saturday is upon us!! Let's go over all the rules, regulations, legally binding contracts, and everything you need to know for the 6A Area Contests this weekend!!! 0:00 - Intro 3:54 - Region Contest And Challenges 7:30 - Area Judging 9:31 - UIL COVID-19 Rules 18:04 - How To Qualify For State 21:28 - Tiebreakers 23:13 - TxBands Live Blog 26:26 - Area-By-Area Breakdown 38:49 - What To Expect While Watching 44:10 - Final Words
  22. As far as I know, UIL will hand out a Finalist Trophy at Area and State to those programs who would have qualified if a Finals contest was being held. These distinctions will be officially recognized.
  23. The amount of State Qualifiers from an Area depends on how many programs qualify for Area and not how many actually attend the contest. Plano, Plano East, Plano West and Allen got 1s at Region. Although they are choosing not to advance, their qualification still counts. Assuming the 17 who intend to do Area all get 1s, you add those to the four listed above who qualified, that makes 21 Area qualifiers. This translates to 4 bands advancing from Area C to State.
  24. Yes. If Area D had 30 bands qualify for Area, they would take six bands to State.
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