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  1. I agree, I think its going to come down to who puts the best Finals run together, and then the difference in UIL scoring vs BOA scoring.
  2. Well, at area, Rouse beat Leander in both the prelims and finals. So I'm betting for a Cedar Park, Rouse, Leander or Highland Park top 3 for SMBC
  3. It's tough when you have a school district like Leander ISD that has 6 high schools, and 5 of them are ranked in the top 20 Nationally. The only way to even something like that out in the UIL system would be to split the school district between 2 areas and I'd don't think UIL can even do that.
  4. Rouse got the prime prelim slot. I agree, Cedar Park, Leander, Rouse move on unless one of them completely falls apart. Glenn probably will finish 4th...
  5. So is the even money on Cedar Park, Leander, Rouse?
  6. I think your pretty spot on. I have not seen Lone Star or Forney's show, However, Forney has a curse trying to make it to the finals at State. Highland Park is the BIG unknown here.
  7. So did Rouse get a timing penalty? How much? .5 point? Has anyone seen the prelim scores yet?
  8. As much as I love this list, going by past results it is HARD for a AAA band to make finals in SA. Leander won the AAA class in SA in 2019 and swept the captions. They finished 4th in the finals and were the only AAA band out of the 14 finalists.
  9. I'll take a stab at a finals prediction. In no particular order: 1. Ronald Reagan 2. Vandegrift 3. CTJ 4. Rouse 5. Cedar Park 6. Leander 7. Weiss 8. Robert E Hendrickson 9. Pflugerville 10. Georgetown
  10. I never count out Highland Park. Its going to be interesting for sure.
  11. I don't know the West Texas bands that well. Does anyone have an opinion on Lubbock-Cooper? I know they have a fairly decent Guard program. I believe they did well last year in the virtual WGI format. I just don't know anything about their band program.
  12. Makes sense, they will probably get bumped up to 6A when the realignment happens at the end of this school year.
  13. Is Weiss still a 5A school? I know in BOA they are now a class AAAA. I know the classifications are different, but most of the AAAA BOA schools are 6A UIL.
  14. It is going to be a very interesting year for 5A UIL for sure. Right now I think the biggest unknown for 5A is Highland Park. Everyone sort of knows where everyone else stands at this point. However, Highland Park doesn't really compete outside of UIL so nobody really tracks them but they were REALLY good in 2019.
  15. I think it might still be a few years away.? We probably need to make finals in SA a couple times before Indy??
  16. These early season contests are really sort of a crap shot trying to make predictions. Rouse HS show is coming along really well. It's been kept pretty tightly under wraps so I'm not sure anyone has snuck any videos out of it. I'm going to guess that Rouse finishes higher than everyone is predicting. I'm really curious to see CTJ at BOA Austin. It blows my mind that they might have a full show ready this early.
  17. I'm curious to see how Cedar Park does this year with the director change. UIL 5A area H is so crazy competitive, how many area H bands will make it to state?
  18. After my daughter graduated in 2020, and a year of COVID, my son will be a Freshman at Rouse this year. Not to jinx anything, but we already made our hotel reservations for State. Looking forward to an awesome year. Rouse HS show reveal and mini camp at the end of the school year has everyone fired up. Its gonna be a good year!
  19. So incredibly proud of the Rouse HS guard. Their director called them "The little team that could". Congrats to all the Texas teams that made the finals!!
  20. Does anyone know when the results from semi's is going to be posted? I'm dying to know what Texas groups are going to finals.
  21. I may be a little bias being from Leander ISD but I would expect Vista Ridge to both make finals and finish very high. Why would we expect anything less from a band from arguably the best marching band school district in the great state of Texas.
  22. It is going to be an awesome year for sure. not only with Vista/CTJ squaring off, but we cant forget Vandergrift and Ronald Reagan. Vandergrift is the "reigning" National Champion, Ronald Reagan beat them head to head I believe twice in 2019. It is going to be interesting to see how well all the programs recover. Even though most programs did some sort of marching show in 2020, you still have 2 years worth of students who don't have a lot of experience performing a full length, high level show. Rouse HS was one of the rising stars in 5A. Is COVID going to set the program back a couple of years? Only time will tell.
  23. TMC 2 years ago was awesome, this line-up looks to be even better. UIL is going to be interesting this year as well. Can Vista Ridge regain the 6A championship? Can LISD (south) sweep the 5A medals? TMC and BOA Austin are early enough in the season that anything is possible. Personally, I cannot wait until the fall!!
  24. Leander getting bumped down to 5A really puts pressure on Cedar Park, Rouse, and Glen. All of which made the Finals (Cedar park #1, and Rouse #4). I think It's very possible we see a repeat of 2015 with a Leander ISD sweep in 5A.
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