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  1. After my daughter graduated in 2020, and a year of COVID, my son will be a Freshman at Rouse this year. Not to jinx anything, but we already made our hotel reservations for State. Looking forward to an awesome year. Rouse HS show reveal and mini camp at the end of the school year has everyone fired up. Its gonna be a good year!
  2. So incredibly proud of the Rouse HS guard. Their director called them "The little team that could". Congrats to all the Texas teams that made the finals!!
  3. Does anyone know when the results from semi's is going to be posted? I'm dying to know what Texas groups are going to finals.
  4. I may be a little bias being from Leander ISD but I would expect Vista Ridge to both make finals and finish very high. Why would we expect anything less from a band from arguably the best marching band school district in the great state of Texas.
  5. It is going to be an awesome year for sure. not only with Vista/CTJ squaring off, but we cant forget Vandergrift and Ronald Reagan. Vandergrift is the "reigning" National Champion, Ronald Reagan beat them head to head I believe twice in 2019. It is going to be interesting to see how well all the programs recover. Even though most programs did some sort of marching show in 2020, you still have 2 years worth of students who don't have a lot of experience performing a full length, high level show. Rouse HS was one of the rising stars in 5A. Is COVID going to set the program back a couple of
  6. TMC 2 years ago was awesome, this line-up looks to be even better. UIL is going to be interesting this year as well. Can Vista Ridge regain the 6A championship? Can LISD (south) sweep the 5A medals? TMC and BOA Austin are early enough in the season that anything is possible. Personally, I cannot wait until the fall!!
  7. Leander getting bumped down to 5A really puts pressure on Cedar Park, Rouse, and Glen. All of which made the Finals (Cedar park #1, and Rouse #4). I think It's very possible we see a repeat of 2015 with a Leander ISD sweep in 5A.
  8. Rouse HS had 7 make all state. Leander ISD as a whole had a total of 34 make All-State band.
  9. There is a reason CTJ won. They were the best band out there this year. I think the bitterness comes from those of us that know our schools would have had a shot at the title as well under different circumstances. But nobody can take anything away from CTJ. There is a reason they are one of the best band in the country, Year after year they absolutely bring it every time they step on the field. Those shirts crack me up!!
  10. Do I think Leander ISD made the right decision and did not compete this year? I think so. Do I wish we could have seen VRHS defend their title? Of course I do. I also feel for all of those seniors that did not get to do all of the things they should have done. My daughter was a senior at Rouse last year (in Color Guard) when all of this started and their winter guard season was canceled.
  11. My top 5 (with a dark horse) 1. CTJ - with a superb timeslot and knowing the quality of show they always bring, I think its their contest to lose this year. 2. FloMo 3. Marcus- Best band in Area C this year, but super crappy time slot. 4. Woodlands 5. Hebron Dark Horse- watch out for Waxahachie
  12. It does, I agree. Idk, I have mixed emotions about it. A "state winning" UIL show may or may not do well at GN, and the smaller schools like CP, Rouse, and Glen don't have near the fund raising base as Vista or Vandy. A trip to GN is an additional $400,000 to the budget. I think it would be really cool if LISD sent everyone to GN one year. win the whole thing and sweep the classes.
  13. I agree there is a chance, but 2021 is also a 5A state year.
  14. Are ya'll modifying your show any to make it "Covid friendly"? I always love watching CTJ perform.
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