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  1. As a former high school marcher, there is disappointment when you can't break the top. However, I don't think the reasosn you listed are applicable in a lot of cases. Money will separate all high school activities, judging inconsistency happens, yet there tends to be some reasoning for why. It is extremely important for bands and their students to make small, attainable goals in order to build a stronger program. In my senior year of high school, our major goal was to make Area finals in Area C. When we heard we made it, the energy we felt was unmatched. Did we go to state? No. Did our band get significantly better this season? Yes!
  2. Vista Ridge Cedar Ridge Waxahachie Ronald Reagan Round Rock CTJ Vandegrift The Woodlands Hebron Coppell Flower Mound Marcus Keller Pearland Vista grew on me BIG TIME this season! Musically superb (and it reflected in the scores,) and CEDAR-FREAKING-RIDGE!!! In a way, LISD North was definetely not the same as last year (at least for me.) Penstriped, Dr. Seuss, and The Missing Piece were all just phenomenal to watch! While I didn't hate any of their shows this year, I found it more difficult to really engage and love them this year.
  3. Hebron still wows me, but this contest is not a open-and-close as we thought. Vista Ridge was just… ugh😩
  4. Hebron getting tanked in Percussion and C/D is interesting to say the least. With that being said, they pulled the last performance slot in finals, so there's a prime opportunity for them to just wow the judges off
  5. BIG THINGS - Hebron and Vandegrift tied - CTJ 11th - Marcus just outside the top-half - Westlake, L.D. Bell, Dripping Springs first three out
  6. and just like that, I have the most powerful sheets known to man
  7. That's fair (by the way, you can private message people by clicking their names 😏)
  8. There are TOO many people in chat for nobody to have a SINGLE clip of a recap
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