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  1. Thought of the morning - Think it would be interesting if bands who have chosen not to compete this year (read: hopefully all bands soon), and are doing smaller, non-competitive shows, would put together a show that served as some sort of prequel show to 2021. Would help seniors feel like they're helping build up to something, even if they can't be a part of the final product. Perhaps some of the music kids have been working on all summer makes its way into the show. Could be an interesting way to keep students engaged and invested in the long game. Show could be mostly story driven, IE long rehearsal hours aren't needed.
  2. Way to early 2021 predictions: GE Scores: go through the roof next year! A whole year to fine tune competitive shows that already have solid foundations will result in some very intriguing depth of concept. Design teams will really get a chance to milk the most out of these shows over the year and I think it will show on the field next year. Music Scores: get a bump. Students usually get music a few months before marching season, but now imagine having it for a whole year beforehand. I think how directors handle this will be the most interesting. I think we see much more ambitious musical productions next year since students will have a whole year to practice the base production, allowing the marching season to be a place where some very technical new parts and pieces are added (sim to what we typically see throughout a DCI season). Do bands rehearse the show music over the course of this year? or would that be unfair to seniors? Visual Scores: Might suffer slightly. Yes, I know bands are still attempting some type of show(s) this year, but those won't replace the experience of doing a full 8+ min competitive show, so it's possible visual programs aren't quite as strong next year. Of course this is all relative. We likely won't see a literal change in scores, but the overall level of quality relative to past years will probably vary per above.
  3. My guess is that we won't see a single marching band score this year. Maybe some division ratings, but that's it. Anyone forcing otherwise is missing the big picture. The marching band experience isn't about scores and contests (or at least it really shouldn't be). This isn't an activity based on competition like sports are. It's an art, and the fact that fun non-competitive shows are even a possibility at this point should be considered a win, since it allows all the key experiences and the expression of an art form that we clamor for when we say "students need extracurriculars," while allowing for flexibility when a group of students has to inevitably sit out due to a Covid case. I've always been one of the first to come to UIL's defense when there's the inevitable complaining each year after scoring discrepancies, because i understand there's issues with any scoring system when judging something as subjective as marching band, and I understand the value of UIL for small schools who can't compete in BOA contests. But UIL's losing me a bit here by continuing to refuse to acknowledge that the marching arts don't need competitions in order to thrive in challenging times. I think they will come around. But their delay, as has been mentioned, isn't in the best interest of marching bands, it's for sports. We're better than that, and I hope UIL acknowledges that, like every other marching organization has. And this is coming from someone who LOVES the competition season as a fan...
  4. Not a fortune teller, but a realist, since PA, like me, doesn't have skin in the game that encourages false optimism. What many bands appear to be doing, planning for fun non-competitive shows, giving students a taste of marching band and it's primary long term benefits, while still remaining flexible for the cloudy future, is very much the correct move. If things somehow go great the next few months, and bands want to put those fun shows out there for UIL region, go for it. But to jump back into competitive mode because UIL continues to ignore what every other state's marching organizations have realized, is overly wishful thinking.
  5. Oh, college football is happening, I don't doubt that one bit. But putting fans in the stands, especially at an impossible percentage for social distancing, is blindly optimistic. I wish it were about planning for "just in case," but I get a feeling it's not. If Texas were showing any positive signs of diminishing the impact of this thing, I would say they could flirt with the idea, but this once again seems like hoping this thing fades away without any real plan of action for helping that happen. And I don't completely blame UT for that (although I partially do cuz this is obviously all about money), Abbot's current guidelines do allow 50% stadium capacity, so I know UT is rolling with it...But Abbot's guidelines haven't worked out too well so far. If we truly care at all about public safety and the health of the young men playing a game, Play the game without fans, the beauty of college football is that we can all watch comfortably from our couch. But I digress....this is a marching band forum, and I'm glad marching bands across the state have made the right move before UIL had the balls to do so.
  6. You said it best over at HR....This is literally just them trying to cover their butts to legitimize football. Waiting a month isn't going to make the season anymore feasible. DKR just announced plans for 50% capacity at UT football games this season, which is just plain ignorant at this point. I'm glad the marching community has been a bit more conscious of the current state of the country right now. There will be no UIL state marching contest this year. Period.
  7. Appreciate the research, this was a good read! I've always wondered (considering the obvious rich history texas high school band has, as laid out here) why Texas has had very little success historically in fielding a consistently good world class drum corp...I think it's quite obvious, especially in the last 10-15 years, that Texas has the deepest field of quality high school bands. I'm sure there are a bunch of reasons why it's been hard to break into the ranks of successful drum corps, but it seems like with the plethora of talent in Texas, it's always confused me...
  8. Lol, not saying there's anything wrong with this, but you've certainly assisted in turning the leak into a flood. Seems like UIL might be the last hold out after all (I'll give it till tomorrow).
  9. Literally one of the first shows I went to when i got the folder 😂
  10. Appears that it will no longer be a question of "if," but rather "when" for all districts in Texas and beyond.
  11. PA has decided to play grim reaper this week 😢
  12. Interesting that Dallas area schools are first to drop...Thought it would be Houston considering how bad things are going down here.
  13. Agreed! I propose we relive these seasons together as a board in lieu of the slowly canceled 2020 season.
  14. Looks like today is the day we have all dreaded all summer.
  15. Hmmm, I imagine 2020, in whatever form it takes, may offset the schedules of some of these bands. Fundraising may be a bit difficult in these times, and there’s obviously many many other variables to planning these trips...although it’s possible they get to save a good chunk of money if this year is reduced. Pragmatically, sending 7-8 of our top bands would be amazing, but also kind of redundant with SA at that point....at some point your just knocking your own groups out of finals. Will be interesting for sure.
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