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  1. Man, with districts nowadays all starting schools on different days it really has changed the name of the game. So much easier when we all started that fourth Monday of August, and everyone had three full weeks of summer band to get as much of their drill down as possible before school starts.
  2. That Hebron 2006 show actually only placed 22nd at state that year. It didn't matter to me because that show made me fall in love with marching band. I was a sophomore at Wakeland at the time in our very first year of opening when we saw them at Carrollton Tournament of Champions. If you didn't know our initial band had 60 total members, and like only 45 winds on the field. Anyways all of us watching that show was in awe of how fun that show was, and how well Hebron performed it. That was the show that got me hooked on marching band, and actually discover this website. It was crazy to think about to see how that show really inspired our entire program then to do the things that has now turned the Wakeland band into one of the top 3 bands in 5A. Never did most of us ever even imagine we would make UIL state, much less do the things they've done today.
  3. Fairly certain Area B will allow fans. They're doing concessions, so obviously they want to sell some snacks to people.
  4. I'll be in Little Elm Saturday working Area B, so I'll have results when they become available there.
  5. Well said, I'm a teacher myself(not band director) and the first thing we need to take care of is our student's well-being. Assuming it's a kid that is even able to return to school in person it will have been 5 months since they last were in school, and having that social interaction with friends. That needs to be our first and foremost concern.
  6. That would be the ultimate of ironies if UIL was wrong, and HP gets moved up as the last school after-the-fact.
  7. When you're just barely above the cutoff it is very difficult to field the numbers against some of the other 6A competition, and as for band with BOA being as big it is when it comes to the top bands, it really doesn't matter the classification because the cream will always rise to the top, and like Mike said now we get to have a real fun fight for the gold medal in 2021 against Cedar Park. I teach in Little Elm now, and I know it's already going to be brutal next year for their athletics team especially football. I'm imagining there's a good chance they put us with perennial state contenders Southlake Carroll and Denton Guyer, or they ship us out with the Plano mega schools, Prosper, and Allen. Both scenarios would be just dreadful for LE though.
  8. As the old saying goes. Just take Highland Park's number and add 10 to it, and you have the 6A cutoff.
  9. While there are always concerns about uil judging, I will also point out the judges pretty much all unanimously agreed on the top 3. Wakeland and HP tied with 14, and then Centennial and Rouse were way behind at 29. Out of the 15 votes for Cedar Park, HP, and Wakeland only two of the judges did not put these three bands in their top 3, which says to me when you are SIGNIFICANTLY better than the field you will still get rewarded, It is the rest of the field where the results gets muddled because of how judges look for different things.
  10. Agreed, very excited to see military bands get their due because they do a great job.
  11. I'm just speculating, but I'm fairly certain that looks like rankings from 10-1 to me.
  12. Yep, good luck to all bands. I'll be there later in the day for the end of prelims and finals(assuming I don't freeze out there)
  13. Looks like a really strong morning block. They're going to set a standard the rest of bands will need to live up to.
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