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  1. the fact that Round Rock, Cedar Ridge and Westwood were so darn close... ....and the fact that Cedar Ridge and Westwood were in the same block with the same set of judges.... UGH IT STILL MAKES ME ANGRY
  2. The bands already know when they are performing. Here is hoping that some bands don't get screwed like they did in 2019
  3. Leander ISD bands all get awards except Vista. That must be a first.
  4. This is going to be a great event. I'm looking forward to going and not being attached to a band. I am going to try hard to be objective when viewing the bands. I can't wait to see Vista Ridge and Leander because I love them. I can't wait to see how Round Rock would have improved from Festival of Bands. I'm looking forward to Bowie and CTJ of course. I'm also looking forward to Vandergrift because they simply are the classiest band out there. And of course, I'm looking forward to Westwood with all of their props out there. Being able to go and spend all day there is gonna be great!
  5. OMG I'm sorry. My comment wasn't even meant to be a criticism. I'm beyond mad at the district for not putting more resources to help this band out. These poor kids kill themselves at practice every single day and they deserve SO MUCH MORE than what they are getting right now. I am so very sorry if my comment was taken personally. It was not meant to be that way and I got super busy to be able to respond. BTW, the new unis are stunning. The light color tops really pop on the field.
  6. Festival of Bands was last night. I'm no longer a band mom and just a band spectator. If I were to rank the Round Rock ISD bands it would go down like this: Cedar Ridge Westwood Round Rock McNeil Stony Point Cedar Ridge's show is fun and clean. Their guard is stunning and I caught myself clapping and getting into it from the get go. Their music is spot on and just so relatable. The drill design is perfect. They are a finals lock for sure, and I see great things for them this year. Westwood is a cute fun show. They have their opener nailed. They "sounded," the best out of the bands that were out there. They need to have their percussion follow their drum major. Round Rock just sounded and looked uninspired. The drill was dirty. Their sound was off for as many kids as they had out there. The show was boring. It was really surprising. McNeil has so much potential. And Stony Point just needs help so that they can kick butt like the rest of the RRISD bands. THIS ISN'T ON THE KIDS...I SWEAR!
  7. Westwood updated their calendar. This isn't on it. They have the 9th open right now.
  8. My kid will be at college at this point. However she did mention that maybe this could be a Mom/Daughter kind of thing for us to do. I'll yell loud for TeamTexas for sure.
  9. Right there with you. It makes me so sad and angry for these kids.
  10. This is one event that I wish my high school band went to.
  11. Bluebird ??? Hebron BOA SA 2018 Vandy 2018 and 2019 Reagan 2018 And of course Westwood 2019
  12. My daughter will be a senior this year. She is involved in guard for her band. She also runs track and cross country. Her cross country coach has already started a training plan for the team and they start up tomorrow. I see the football team and volleyball team starting up all over the state. How do you keep these kids motivated for band? So how are you keeping their spirits up right now?
  13. I listened to this last night. A couple of thoughts. I hear what you are saying about stadiums and the cost of cleaning them. However, I think that we may be overthinking the cleaning. Most regional BOA contests in Texas are held in the heat. Depending on what we see in the next two weeks with athletes and band starting up, the heat may do a lot to kill Covid for us. Heck looking out my office window right now, I see the Westwood football team running drills in the Warrior Bowl! I can see an element of not being in the stands for BOA San Antonio or any other place that is enclosed. Like you said, we are gonna learn a lot over the next few weeks. With college football players being diagnosed with Covid as soon as they are returning to camp, we are gonna learn just how many of them fully recover, plus how many of them are truly sick. I will remain positive, because that's what I do! Thanks for the podcast..again..another good episode!
  14. I try really hard to look at things objectively. There are a lot of factors here that lots of folks may not take into consideration. This is a state year for 6A. With the guidelines from UIL good for the summer, it's hard to imagine what life might look like in March. Financial. Some parents may not be in a position to afford to send their kid to GN that they may have been in March. Personal. Some parents may not be comfortable sending their kids on a plane after Covid-19. The District - Who knows what their thoughts on all of this travel may be. The fact that some state colleges are laying off staff already, and making drastic changes at the academic level by shutting schools down after November 24th, I can't imagine what that might do to schools. Now, as a parent, I'm super devastated for the kids, and especially my girl. This is supposed to be the time of her life. Right now, her focus should be her senior year. Now she's starting to look beyond that because, well, in her words, "It's almost like this whole thing is making me feel like I shouldn't even bother. There is literally nothing to get excited about." Cruel words to hear from a 17 year old. I need marching band to happen. I need to see Westwood put on a top notch show and I need to see them go to State because they are that good. Do I know that's gonna happen? Nope. But I'm praying hard every day for every high school kid out there that they get some semblance of normal for the next school year. Oh..and eff you Covid.
  15. I think that lots of bands are keeping things on the lowdown simply because they don't know what's gonna happen. I'm sure they are making alternative plans for their shows. I'd think that over the next two weeks lips might be opening up!
  16. UIL posted something on their facebook page to get ahead of the leaked memo to high school coaches. I want to tell my daughter about it but she's in the middle of taking an AP test and I don't want to bug her. This news is gonna make her day!
  17. I'm heartbroken for these guards...especially the seniors. So sad.
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