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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth! DCI RR was the kickstart I needed - my college semester has left me little time to get hyped about band, but just thinking about the corps at the same stadium as tomorrow gets me so excited! These kids want to perform in front of a real audience. And tomorrow, that is what they shall get!
  2. Did you get a good reading on both of these bands? Want to share any of your opinions? I saw a recording after-the-fact of VR. That show is visually dirty at this time and there are a lot of musical quirks but WOW is that drill and music HARD!! Although we probably won't see it in 3 weeks, it will be magical if they can clean that to their usual standard by the time they reach Indy.
  3. Was 2019 really Johnson's 1st year? They were phenomenal! I was their student escort for warmup and even got to catch their performance thanks to a schedule change.
  4. First time spectator if a band competition. Any tips? How early should I get there to watch finals? Does this stadium have a clear bag policy? Thank you all.
  5. How accurate is that schedule with regards to Vista's exhibition performance? I remember last year their performance was between prelims and finals.
  6. Yes, it's evident even from their social media. Their posts between last season and this season are much more driven and purposeful. Not to mention the many cool activities their student leadership has engaged in already...it's going to be awesome.
  7. Hey there! Your props are so neat! Did the band boosters make them?
  8. The main reason we (VR) do not have headgear this year is because we unexpectedly had 80(!) freshmen join band this year. Amazing to be growing larger after just 2 years in 6A. Thank you to everyone for all your support. It's been an emotional journey as each of us can relate to being lost, and hopefully, found.
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