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  1. Don't forget to make your predictions for all 9/25 events before they close tonight!
  2. I added Lakeview Centennial to the event. If you submitted a predictions list and want to make a change in light of this addition, please head back to the predictions page. If you submitted a list before we made this addition, you'll see a button that allows you to submit a new list (as pictured below)
  3. Hey everyone, Thanks for pointing out some of the issues in the events. Unfortunately we don't have a great process to confirm all the details of the events are accurate as entered into the site. While it's possible for us to edit the events, it would skew the prediction lists and points awarded for anyone who submitted a list prior to making the change (because they would not be able to predict captions, for example, missing out on up to 5 points) so I think we'll need to leave these as-is for now. The events are still predictable, just not in as much detail as we would have liked. We can make sure to be more careful in getting future events into the system.
  4. This is the right place! I believe the issue with the BOA Midland event should be fixed now. Can you try submitting it once more?
  5. Okay that's too bad! Unless anyone is opposed, let's leave the event up for now and if we get lucky we can score it, otherwise we'll disregard it.
  6. I'm not familiar with this contest, but if that's the case, it won't really work with our predictions model unfortunately. Are overall scores not published?
  7. Please share when you get it and we'll add it to Predictions!
  8. Make your predictions for BOA Austin: https://www.txbands.com/predict
  9. Predictions are live for BOA Austin and Conroe!
  10. Our all-new predictions are now live, starting with BOA McAllen. Make your predictions today at https://www.txbands.com/predict As part of our site upgrade last year, the predictions system is redesigned so if you encounter any issues please let us know.
  11. Make your predictions for BOA McAllen! https://www.txbands.com/predict
  12. Just wait until you see the new predictions for 2021! I've been sitting on that one for quite a while since 2020 was... well... you know.
  13. It looks a bit different than before, but it's still there: If there are unread posts there should be an icon next to the title, clicking that should take you to where you last left off in the thread. Let me know if that's not what you were looking for.
  14. Thank you for the details on this. I submitted a ticket to the company that makes our forum software to see if they can tell me how to fix it.
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