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  1. Go to the live blog, scroll down on the left (or upper, if you’re on mobile) panel, and click the "Live Blog Archive” button
  2. We used to have a score archive on txbands, but it got out of date super quickly as it was a lot of work to maintain and keep everything up to date. That said, if we can be of assistance I'm glad to help build/host something here as well.
  3. Awesome! Definitely open to any suggestions on how to improve it as well.
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to share about a new feature on predictions (actually something from the old site that has been brought back!) - Aggregate Prediction Analysis. You can access the Aggregate Prediction Analysis for any event by clicking on View Lists and then the new button at the top You'll see a table that includes a top-level predictions list based on what all members have predicted for an event. It's cool to see how our community's collective wisdom is very close to the real results for many contests!
  5. While we're all here, there are a handful of contests I haven't found results for. If anyone has them I would be very appreciative: Sounds of Springtown Marching Showcase Katy ISD Marching Festival Edna Invitational Midway Marching Preview
  6. Also, I will definitely delete out any bands that are not going to area (it wasn't clear from @abtwitch's spreadsheet where this was the case), but also don't let that stop you from predicting. As long as I'm not missing anyone on the area rosters, then you could in theory still make a full predictions list with only the schools that you know to be participating.
  7. Can you tell me which areas are wrong and I can update them?
  8. Actually got everything added all the way through 2A (except the 2A areas that aren't finalized yet), thanks @abtwitch!
  9. Great idea, 5A is up on the predictions page as well! https://www.txbands.com/predict
  10. I would love to get 5A also, but would need some help with sourcing the schedules/participant lists
  11. I’m with you both on this and definitely looking for some assistance in running the predictive game as it is difficult for me to confirm the accuracy of everything. Please send over a PM if you’re interested and I can set you up as a moderator!
  12. BOA San Antonio is now available for predictions! https://www.txbands.com/predict/#66
  13. Gladly! Always open to suggestions on how to enhance it as well!
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