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  1. It looks a bit different than before, but it's still there: If there are unread posts there should be an icon next to the title, clicking that should take you to where you last left off in the thread. Let me know if that's not what you were looking for.
  2. Thank you for the details on this. I submitted a ticket to the company that makes our forum software to see if they can tell me how to fix it.
  3. Do you mean this one? --->
  4. Another great one from 2005... yes we had a menu two layers deep, and the colors of the website changed randomly every time the page loaded (yes, I thought this was a clever design idea in 2005) and my wit in the footer of the page shines through. We also sold "winner in life" tshirts
  5. In honor of our 15th anniversary redesign, may I present.... TxBands.com 2005: https://web.archive.org/web/20051109034430/http://www.txbands.com/
  6. Do you see the indicators on the desktop site? Could you screenshot what you see from the mobile site so I can better understand?
  7. Hi everyone, Thank you for the early round of feedback. Some updates to share with you all: Mobile display issues: I believe these are fixed now, as I am able to see the username above each post now. The header does look better to me as well, as the rest-of-the-site nav menu has been incorporated into the forums nav menu. I haven't been able to replicate slow load times, but if anyone is encountering these please let me know where you're seeing them and we can take a look. Also, I know the other site features (live blog, predictions) aren't widely used in the off-season
  8. Thank you - this is really helpful! It was definitely intentional to make these changes in the slow period of the site so I can uncover some of the inevitable bugs. I spent a lot of time on the rest of the site outside the forums, but our forums are actually a commercially available software package (invision board) to which we made minimal modifications. Are you noticing the slowness on the whole site or is this specific to the forums? I will go back and revert some of the design updates I made to the forums and see if I can get the display bugs fixed. Does the post above f
  9. Thanks, good catch. It looks like someone keyed in the date wrong but I updated it now.
  10. Unfortunately a lot of the finalized rosters aren't released, so we typically wait to avoid errors in our predictions lists. I did get BOA McAllen added, but everything else (Austin, for example) has a list from May so it likely has a lot of changes.
  11. We did try to make a feature of the site that does this... the score archive, but sadly no one has been interested in really keeping it up to date.
  12. Hi everyone! Just a heads up that predictions can now be made for next week's contests!
  13. I apologize the Atlanta super regional never made it, but San Antonio is live!
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