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  1. Does anybody have any idea who wrote the music for Dawson's 2013 production? Nobody remembers and i cant find the information anywhere. (Also, the old staff left soooo) Help please!
  2. What do you mean by changes? Director changes? Or???
  3. Nothing for Dawson is verifiable. The calendar is private only.
  4. Bridgeland should technically be in 5A at the moment, they're classified by UIL rules as 5, according to Cyfair ISD's enrollment lists. It is peculiar that they are considered 6A given their size.
  5. I think Bridgeland will end up ultimately in 6A given how close they are to the cutoff, but if they remained in 5A, how do y'all think they'd fair next year?
  6. I'm kinda nervous yet excited now that Mr. Brown is taking Dawson to BOA again after our previous director said he'd never again sign us up for that contest. I dunno how well we will place given the director change and everything but if state last year was any indication I'm hoping we slide right in at 16th
  7. Dawsons' new head director is taking the band to both the Houston regional and the San Antonio super Regional. This is gonna be an exciting season for sure.
  8. Dawson HS has won the last two contests between WGI Houston and TCGC Tompkins. Were currently seeded 10th for our first year in open class Don't count us out
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