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  1. There's a very handy page on Facebook specifically for this! You can either search through posts from directors or advertise yourself. https://www.facebook.com/groups/301842433556327 You should just be able to request to join and post right away.
  2. I had the privilege to see their wind ensemble perform live in 2020 weeks before the pandemic hit, so I also have been incredibly excited for what the future holds for them.
  3. I definitely wouldn't be too surprised if that happened, but as of now I think it is a safe assumption that Friendswood will take first dominantly. Only band I could see surpassing them based on their current trajectory is Fulshear. Going from never making 5A state finals to beating a top 6 band is a HUGE stretch, but anything is possible in the world of high school band.
  4. Not to diminish the outstanding performance of this incredible first year band, but for the sake of accuracy, no Jordan would have not qualified for state. Only 11 bands qualified for Area, meaning only 2 would advance to state. Not to mention the DNA band was Foster, and Friendswood abstained from UIL altogether. All my nitpicking aside, considering Area E will likely be taking 3 bands to state this year, Jordan is definitely in the conversation for being within that top 3. Barbers Hill, Churchill Fulshear, Friendswood, and Foster will definitely keep things interesting, however. I love
  5. The 4As, if 2020 is what they can do during a pandemic, then I'm almost terrified what by what they can do this year. Some particulars: Burnet: Had a re-breakout year under a new director, going to be returning to BOA. Wills Point: They had an amazingly design show in 2020, makes me excited what they have planned for BOA Grand Nats. Melissa: This band just keeps getting better and better, probably my 4A favorite show from 2020. Canyon: Their state performance was underwhelming in the second half, but their opener was legitimate state champs material. Calallen: It's al
  6. I'll join in, I guess Best general effect: Ronald Reagan Best visual: Ronald Reagan Best music: Hebron Best visual concept: Vista Ridge Best show idea/concept: The Woodlands Best solo: CTJ Trombone/Sax Best feature: Keller trombones Best musical selection: Stoic by John Powell, Keller Most innovative show: The Woodlands Most original concept: Vista Murrieta Best crowd appeal: Claudia Taylor Johnson Most underrated: Keller Central Most improved: Westwood Best colorguard: Ronald Reagan Best pit: Burleson Centennial B
  7. They're talking about O'Connor, not Brazoswood
  8. They definitely came a long way in just a year, they were 2nd to last at area in 2018.
  9. I take it you haven't been to a marching contest before 😂? In all seriousness, there are too many examples of this piece being performed on the field, but I'll drop a few of my favorite uses in DCI and marching band: Carolina Crown 2016 Star of Indiana 1993 Claudia Taylor Johnson 2017 Cedar Park 2008 If you want to hear more, just go to any band contest, you'll hear it at least twice
  10. Hebron 2019 Duncanville prelims Avon 2017 BOA SA prelims Westwood 2017 BOA SA prelims (proud alum moment) The entirety of BOA Austin 2019 finals
  11. I've added BOA Conroe to the list despite there being no confirmed bands as of yet. For those who don't know, here's the TL;DR: On College Park's band calendar, they have the following contests listed: This appears to be MFA's response to BOA Houston always getting far over capacity. They've had a few ideas (such as Friday performances, simultaneous venues, etc.), but they seem to have chose the consecutive weekends contest route. While MFA has not officially announced it, I have confirmation from a student at College Park that this will be it's own BOA contest the same day as BOA Au
  12. I'm curious as to why Bridgeland isn't in the top 30, they beat Oak Ridge by 2 points at Cypress Showcase.
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