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  1. The spreadsheet nerd in me loves this and will 100% be using this
  2. Gotta say, Roma that low is really confusing to me.
  3. I really hope you're not calling the contest being delayed "lame" cause kids were getting hurt out there.
  4. I'd imagine prelims, but I'm not positive. 90% sure prelims will work.
  5. That would make sense as they are signed up for CapCity now
  6. Think about it like this: Imagine if someone in the txbands.com live blog put "I'm extremely unimpressed with this program, next" when talking about a smaller program in a different position than the BOA powerhouses they're competing against. People would get outraged and rightfully so, some of the kids marching read that stuff and it often means more to them than their actual results. Less kids may read the forums, but they are definitely on here. I would know as someone who has teched at high schools in recent years and is heavily involved in the community. You can criticize any band program and I have plenty that I do voice on occasion, but when making those criticisms you have to put yourself in the shoes of those performers and think about how they would take them. Condescendingly saying a program "needs help" when you have positive things to say about every other program at an event is crossing that line. This isn't a "muh freedom of speech" thing, it's a "understand that your words do have an effect on others and you are to an extent responsible for those reactions" thing.
  7. Absolutely, they'd have to improve drastically to qualify for finals this year, but based on what I've seen it's more likely than most would think.
  8. The Indiana band I've got my eyes on this season is Brownsburg. Not only do they sound better than they ever have for this early in the season, but their show is by far my favorite out of what I've seen this year. Everything about the show just hits perfectly. Visually, they have some of the most striking and appealing uniforms I've ever seen and their props of the same color are like trees and move around the field with members climbing on top of them. Musically, they create a such a diverse soundscape that puts every section on show. And they only have half their show! Very excited to see what this program can achieve this year.
  9. It's updated now, don't know what the issue was but it now lists both contests being at the Alamodome.
  10. I have been notified Flower Mound will be at the HEB Marching Contest on October 2nd, are they doing both competitions?
  11. The spreadsheet is updated to match the information on all of the calendars I have been able to get access too, as well as requests both in the replies and by email.
  12. So I'll probably be going here, got a good friend who is student teaching with a program that will be in attendance. Really excited to finally see some more west Texas bands live after 4 years of being in Abilene.
  13. I did the spreadsheet in 2019 and started one for this season, but I'm a little burnt out so I haven't kept up with it super well. I gave editing permissions to a friend and I'll let him post it if he thinks it's properly up to date.
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