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  1. TMC was far more competitive last year than Vista Ridge has ever been
  2. I have returned from my slumber and threw this together. Separating by regions of Texas I found to be confusing so I kept it to just sorting them by dates. I'm using the HornRank lists, band calendars (links on the final sheet), and word of mouth from reliable sources to do this spreadsheet. As always, feel free to let me know who to add by commenting on the thread, but also if you are aware of any band calendars that I missed, send them to me and I will add them to the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RaB1Yq5s3hEoWgTIsKvqqkesImeODeWOhYQ9BiqNNww/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Hendrickson has been confirmed to be planning a trip to Indy next year, will be interesting to see where they end up. They're not the same band they were in the mid-2010s, but on a relatively weaker year like this they might have a really good shot for finals. I'm hopeful because of their improvement from 2019 to 2021 was very large and now that they finally have a stable staff situation again, I hope they continue that progress.
  4. Argyle is supposedly rumored to be going to BOA Grand Nationals next year, excited to see them sweep Class AA as long as Tarpon doesn't show up
  5. On their way to a playoff game in Sweetwater, TX, the Andrews HS Band bus had an on-head collision with a car going the wrong direction down I-20. DPS has confirmed two fatalities, both the driver of the bus and the car. Two students are in critical but stable condition and being treated at the Scenic Mountain Medical Center in Big Springs, TX. The playoff game has been canceled and parents are picking their students up from the Big Spring ISD Athletic Training Center. All students have been accounted for as of the most recent updates. www.mrt.com/news/local/article/Andrew-s-ISD-school-bus-involved-in-head-on-in-16636383.php I will update this post as more information becomes public.
  6. After watching some of their competitors, I think Round Rock's chances are looking pretty good. DB and Wando don't seem to have cleaned up enough musically and aren't visually stunning enough to push them over Round Rock. I think the last 2 spots will be an absolute bloodbath between Fishers, Mason, and Round Rock. Maybe Brownsburg in there too, we'll see how they do tomorrow.
  7. By far the most interesting Area is D, with 8 dropping and only 5 coming back up. Belton now has less enrollment than Lake Belton, making them both 5A. Killeen is opening a new school (Killeen Chaparral) and has pulled significantly from all 4 schools. The addition of Comal's Davenport and Pieper pull enrollment from Smithson Valley. Hays and MG Johnson switch places. Dripping Springs, Weiss, and Manor pass the 6A threshold. Waco ebbs back down into 5A. This obviously makes 5A Area D an incredibly exciting Area now, with so many new contenders and only 1 state qualifier moving up.
  8. Courtesy of the 6A Texas Football forums, we have full projections for who will be the top 250 that will make up 6A. I took their data and figured out what the areas will look like assuming no changes to the alignments. Schools with asterisks* are new to 6A, those in (parentheses) are dropping to 5A. The number at the top is how many State spots there would have been with the Region results with the new Area lineups. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MBXo5_rkJB-s5hhlOWGUrp9qQ_4ySg4aUg6lAvSeL1M/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Here's the thing, when you split a contest by such a large time margin you're gonna get some weird results. We saw the same at BOA McAllen earlier this year.
  10. I'm personally very surprised by Johnson being below Dripping Springs, granted I only saw prelims but I thought Johnson was the clear favorite out of the two.
  11. I just learned that they actually got rid of this rule in 2020, but in 2019 and before it was in fact in place. It did not however apply to Region 8's 5A split, that was just speculation on my part over what the supposed 20th and 21st bands were.
  12. I've been following Kentucky marching season this year and seeing all the results held in one place makes me want to have something like that for Texas. Granted it's a lot harder for a state so big with so many contests with completely different judging systems and so many that don't post their results publicly. That being said, there's a lot of people on here (myself included) who care a little too much about band and I think if we work together using our connections to various programs around the state and abusing tools (such as the wayback machine) we can get quite the pile of results. The plan at the moment is to get as many results in placements (recaps too if possible) at get them sorted into a Google Drive folder on various spreadsheets for ease of access. I probably won't get around to really get this going until I've graduated in December, but I wanted to get word out ahead of time.
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