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  1. -Copying my post from the HornRank forum Just saw a Facebook post from the Whitesboro band. In case you don't know/remember, they are the ones who went to BOA Grand Nationals in 2016 as a Class A band and are a consistent UIL 3A finalist, finishing 2nd in 2019. Facebook post: "March 6th at 7pm! We are taking the Pride of Whitesboro to the big stage...
  2. Speaking of Houston bands, I wish bands like Cy-Fair, SFA, Oak Ridge, etc. would go every once in a while. They succeed consistently in the Houston regional. Heck, maybe one of them is this mystery band
  3. Only things that passed - Color Guard Sheet Enhancement Rule to move judges closer to audience perspective has been moved to Steering Committee to evaluate The Allow Live Sampling in Real Time proposal Proposal to make changes to judging during prelims, semis, and finals also being studied further
  4. I was relating to that rule. I was saying that they are approving it for the corps to decide if they want to or not. Sorry I left that part out.
  5. I wish people would actually understand that this rule is not being proposed for large sections of woodwinds. As you lay out, that is not possible. They are treating this the same way as vocal parts, guitars, violins, trombones, French horns, etc. People on social are just so against this and they don’t even understand it.
  6. Very interesting contest here! Vandegrift has it on their calendar. Wonder if any other Austin/Houston band will show up at this one to give FloMo and Hebron a run for the medal positions?
  7. If I'm not mistaken, Azle HS has a World Class Winds Group.
  8. Pearland - Especially if they are going to GN Vista Ridge - First time they will have a GN design show
  9. Now that GN is a week later, The "it's a 6A year, those bands won't go" theory I think might be done, at least for now. It's definitely a more complex schedule and you're also doing a UIL production rather than a BOA show, but I think the scheduling part of it might be done.
  10. Last day of the 2019 BOA Season. Check out the Show Day Podcast Grand Nationals Semi-Finals Viewing Guide here. drumcorpscentral.weebly.com/bands-of-america.html
  11. Check out the Show Day Podcast Grand Nationals Viewing Guide! https://drumcorpscentral.weebly.com/bands-of-america.html You can follow along from the first band today, to the last on Saturday! Good luck to all bands!
  12. 1A State performances begin in just a few minutes. If anybody is watching either in SA or on Box5, here's the place to chat.
  13. Great show by Lebanon Trail. Amazing performace by those students. Very clean production!
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