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  1. Hebron blew me away this year. Would have loved to see them make it to Grand Nats to face Broken Arrow, but I understand how expensive it is. I’m so impressed how marching band bounced back after a crazy last year of Covid!
  2. From the live blog: BOA announces they are expanding from 18 Regionals this fall to 24 Regionals in 2022, plus Super Regionals in San Antonio, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. New locations include North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Kentucky, and a second show in Dallas.
  3. I was going to post my predictions, but instead I'll just say, WOW!... after a year off I am so proud of how all these kids absolutely killed it this year. Some of the best shows ever. Half of the top 12 were Texas bands and every one of them left it on the field. No matter what the final rankings are, it's 1) Texas 2) Everybody else. If you are a student, parent, or director of any of these programs... congratulations!
  4. Broken Arrow, holy crap. 1. BA, 2. Marcus or Avon, 4. Carmel .... but what a crazy amazing Grand Nats after a year off... these kids were HUNGRY and threw down some of the greatest shows we've seen in years. Marching Band kids are the best kids!
  5. Shout out to #TeamTexas today! Hope everyone has their best runs of the year so far!
  6. I'll be watching Grand Nats this weekend, and it's probably hard to say this without having seen Avon, Carmel, Broken Arrow, Tarpon yet this year, but I have a hard time believing anyone would beat that Hebron show. Holy crap. Well done Hebron!
  7. I'll play. 1. Hebron 2. FloMo 3. Vandy 4. Marcus 5. RR 6. CTJ
  8. My goodness, Hebron. Wow. Are they running late or does CTJ have a really long preshow? Confused.
  9. Can someone post full results? We didn’t make finals but would like to know where we placed. Fantastic job all bands! Good luck tomorrow finalists!
  10. JET Trumpet ‘84 here! Let’s go Mustang Band! (And good luck to every band today!)
  11. I actually have been on both sides of this, so I can empathize with everyone here. In the fall of 2015 my daughter was a Freshman and our school was in it's third year of existence. They had been 3A the first two years and it was the first year there was a senior class. The band had one panel as a prop - just one. They were good (never not made Sweepstakes at Region) so they advanced to 5A Area D. I took the day off and drove up to Austin and arrived early enough to watch a few bands before we performed. In walks Vista Ridge, twice the size of us - props, guard blockers... the whole deal. They turned around and blew our hair back with the first hit and I just thought..... woah. There were several other Leander bands that followed too. We performed and did well, but needless to say did not make finals. Great first time at Area though, and a learning experience. Our kids on that day were probably wondering "How are we ever going to compete with THEM?" The answer is, we got busy. The kids got better. They learned how to march better because we hired techs. The boosters figured out better fund raisers so we could raise the money for big props, a custom show design, custom drill, etc. In 2017 we went to Area with a great show but had a glitch and lost power. The kids picked themselves up and in 2018 we won a couple marching contests. In 2019 we made area finals but missed state. And in 2021, we are headed to 5A State for the first time. There are some powerhouse bands that will be here, most of which have been doing it longer than us, and in our heart of hearts we know we don't have a shot to win.... this year. But our kids feel like they can COMPETE with anyone now. Now when we roll into a contest and see the other bands walk by as we are building our giant props, I feel bad, because I know how they feel because I remember our kids feeling like that. I wanted my kid to experience being in a program with bigger props and all that goes with it. And you can get there - you just need to get started building the program. That takes great directors and kids, a supportive administration, and a strong and dedicated booster program. It's a process. Embrace it, and realize that it's a multi-year process and it might take longer than the four years your kid is in school to get there. But without the bands of yesterday, there would be no band of today. They all played a part, of building a program. Marching Band is the best! Good luck to everyone wherever you may be performing in the next few weeks!
  12. Trivia question: Has any band advanced to Finals the first time they made it to State?
  13. Wendy, I completely empathize with your frustration. Four years ago at Area we were one of the first bands to perform. We did not have a generator at the time (our fault) and plugged into the stadium power and it was dead. We frantically tried to get everything powered up and the official on the sidelines just shrugged. So we performed our entire show with no power. No amplification, no keyboards, no microphones, no sound effects. It was a disaster. The kids were rattled because it was obvious something had gone wrong. Despite being assured the judges would be informed of the glitch, we later found out they did not. The comments were full of "Nice sound but can't hear the soloists" and "Having a hard time hearing front ensemble" etc. Our kids were devastated, and we went home early. We really thought we had a chance to advance to State. Imagine 200 kids crying at the instrument truck. I remember the long drive home that night and the feeling in my gut for days after. I know your kids are disappointed. I know your parents and directors are disappointed. Nobody from any program wanted things to go down the way they did. Band kids are great kids and given the choice I know 100% of the kids in all those bands would have wanted everyone to have blue skies and calm winds and give their very best performance. All I can tell you is embrace it as a learning experience. Two years later, we made it to Area finals for the first time in program history. Half those kids were in the band two years prior, and they felt vindicated. And yes, we have a really, really nice generator now. There were a LOT of really really good shows last night. I wish they could all win, because they are all great kids. Congratulations should go to all of them. Hopefully UIL will come up with a clear set of guidelines on how to handle situations like all of these, that can be followed consistently across the state. Also on a somewhat different note, I hope whoever hosts the contest next year will open more than two windows at the concession stand. My wife stood in line for an hour to get a hot dog and a bottle of water and almost passed out...but I digress.
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