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  1. Ugh, I feel for them. We had our power fail at UIL Area a few years back and had to do the entire show with no electronics, no microphones for soloists ... it was brutal.
  2. Good question... adjudication is not officially supposed to start until the five minute clock has expired, meaning after most of the preshow. But does an awesome preshow influence a judge? Who knows?
  3. UIL Rules 1105H(4): (4) Electronic Equipment. Electronic equipment may be used under the following provisions: (A) All electronically produced music including narration and sound effects shall be performed live and in real time by eligible students. (B) Pre-recorded music, instrumental or vocal, or narration may not be used.
  4. Coppell just melted some faces in the lower section of the Alamodome. Wow!
  5. I have never watched anything on NFHS, but I downloaded the app to my Fire TV Stick, watching it on a 65" Samsung and have had zero issues. Clear picture and no buffering at all so far today. (I watched the 2A stuff this morning too.) Maybe it's your Internet connection? Way better than Flo, that's for sure.
  6. Hebron blew me away this year. Would have loved to see them make it to Grand Nats to face Broken Arrow, but I understand how expensive it is. I’m so impressed how marching band bounced back after a crazy last year of Covid!
  7. Shout out to #TeamTexas today! Hope everyone has their best runs of the year so far!
  8. I'll be watching Grand Nats this weekend, and it's probably hard to say this without having seen Avon, Carmel, Broken Arrow, Tarpon yet this year, but I have a hard time believing anyone would beat that Hebron show. Holy crap. Well done Hebron!
  9. I'll play. 1. Hebron 2. FloMo 3. Vandy 4. Marcus 5. RR 6. CTJ
  10. My goodness, Hebron. Wow. Are they running late or does CTJ have a really long preshow? Confused.
  11. Can someone post full results? We didn’t make finals but would like to know where we placed. Fantastic job all bands! Good luck tomorrow finalists!
  12. JET Trumpet ‘84 here! Let’s go Mustang Band! (And good luck to every band today!)
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