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  1. That is one heck of a prop Wakeland has. RESPECT to the Wakeland parents from a props dad!
  2. So to be clear, the Area every year thing is a done deal, but the seven judges still have to be voted on? When is the vote? In my view these are both very positive moves in the right direction. We were less than satisfied with some adjudication this year. Seven is better than five.
  3. And we love y'alls show - we knew you guys would advance for sure. We appreciate the classy remarks from your fans, who were very gracious to us in the stands. And also several of your fellow students were very complimentary to our kids. We'll be rooting for you next week - go get 'em!
  4. Saturday was a great day! Sincere congrats from College Station to all the advancing bands - we know you'll represent Area I well at State! I echo the above comments about judging ... not sure I quite understand how all of that works. We were surprised by some of the results for sure, and definitely 100% agree that it is a terrible shame that A&M Consolidated and Magnolia, who both had beautiful, well executed shows, deserved a finals slot, were not able to perform. I hope UIL will change the rules so finals are always at least 10 bands - what's the harm? Everyone is already there, why not let three more bands perform? These kids were tirelessly - I calculated over 30,000 hours of rehearsal for our band this marching season! I also hope UIL will change it so Area competitions happen every year. Our kids left it all out on the field and we could not be more proud of their performance. While we didn't advance, we did make it to finals for the first time in school history, and it was somewhat of a redemption after hoping we would two years ago. (Our power failed and we had to perform our entire show without a front ensemble or soloists. It was a bad day...) We were lucky to draw the final performance slot, but unfortunately the announcers asked the other bands to leave the stadium and begin assembling for the retreat. (Our show is available on YouTube if you want to see it.) Again, sincere congrats to all! It was a honor to compete against all of you! I look forward to watching state next week and am already looking forward to next season!
  5. Best wishes to every band at area competition today! It looks like it will be a beautiful day for marching band!
  6. All right we're all going stir crazy, let's do something to pass the time. Do we know the show titles of the advancing bands? Here are the two I know: A&M Consolidated: The Seasons of Life College Station: It's in the Stars!
  7. Official links: Prelims: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/59e8cd43-c3cb-442a-913b-e742220c84a5/downloads/2019%20Area%20I%205A%20Program%20%26%20Schedule.pdf?ver=1571921969591 Finals: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/59e8cd43-c3cb-442a-913b-e742220c84a5/downloads/2019%20Area%20I%205A%20Schedule%20Finals.pdf?ver=1571921969591
  8. It seems a recurring theme in the Area threads this year is "there are more state deserving bands than slots". Is it time for UIL to change the rules? Especially since state is only every other year?
  9. It seems like a recurring theme in several of these area threads is... there are more state-deserving bands than there are slots. Maybe it's time for UIL to change the rules to include more bands?
  10. I'm new to this thread - when will we know if these proposals pass? Or has the decision been made? I would love for Area to be an annual event, providing they worked it out to not interfere with BOA.
  11. I remember a few years back, 6A State was Mon-Tues and Grand Nats started on Wednesday. There were a handful of bands that jumped on a plane and went straight to Indy. What a week!
  12. See y'all Saturday! KINGWOOD PARK 10:00 CLEVELAND 10:15 WILLIS 10:30 PORTER 10:45 MAGNOLIA 11:00 NEW CANEY 11:15 LUNCH MAGNOLIA WEST 12:15 GRAND OAKS 12:30 A&M CONSOLIDATED 12:45 PORT NECHES-GROVES 1:00 CROSBY 1:15 COLLEGE STATION 1:30 BREAK CANEY CREEK 2:00 VIDOR 2:15 DAYTON 2:30 GALENA PARK 2:45 TOMBALL 3:00 HUNTSVILLE 3:15 Finals: Band 1 6:00 Band 2 6:15 Band 3 6:30 Band 4 6:45 Band 5 7:00 Band 6 7:15 Band 7 7:30
  13. I was not aware of the 36 bands rule - I'm sure that is correct! So if we're at 26, we need ten more. We are waiting for the results of Region 9 to see if Region I will advance 3 or 4 bands. I don't know what the potential is for Area D or E so I guess we'll wait to watch the results roll in this evening & tomorrow.
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